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solipsta 09-25-09 01:38 AM

Re: Biggest Loser 2009 Part II

Originally Posted by GatorDeb (Post 9729800)
One thing is having a discussion and another thing is giving unsolicited advice and then act all high-and-mighty when the recipient doesn't receive it.

One person's high and mighty appears to be another person's critical thinking. :shrug:

As much as I, personally, am amused by the drama that constantly and consistently follows you around, I (and I think a lot of people, even if they jump on) am trying to help.

The Bus 09-25-09 10:01 AM

Re: Biggest Loser 2009 Part II
She still needs to eat vegetables. :)

Venusian 09-25-09 10:04 AM

Re: Biggest Loser 2009 Part II
apparently she's doing the best she can...or should that be the best she wants. hmm ;)

GoVegan 09-25-09 10:21 AM

Re: Biggest Loser 2009 Part II
To add a perspective on the issue from someone who eats a lot of vegetables:

For the past year or so I've almost entirely cut out desserts of any kind. I figured the calories were best spent elsewhere. Until two weeks ago, I think I'd had four desserts in the previous twelve months.

In the past few weeks I've gone on vacation to NYC and the Twin Cities and decided I would just let myself eat whatever I wanted - one to two desserts per day, pancakes for breakfast, decadent dinners, etc. Essentially a lot of grains and not nearly as many vegetables. Could have been worse, but it certainly could have been a lot better.

When I got back home, I went grocery shopping at my favorite co-op, took a look at their amazing salad bar and it just made me angry. There was no way I wanted to eat a bunch of stupid vegetables. I found them repellent. Of course, I forced myself to make a couple of salads anyway, and halfway through the first one I was feeling great again, but that goes to show that even someone who loves vegetables can lose the taste for them when on a fairly non-varied diet. I could have easily just walked away from the salad bar and loaded up on pastries, but I didn't and now after a few days I've lost my desire for sweets again.

Liver&Onions 09-25-09 01:27 PM

Re: Biggest Loser 2009 Part II

Originally Posted by GatorDeb (Post 9729800)
in this thread and have a short list of people I'll listen to: sdallnct, zombeaner, FantasticVSDoom, GoVegan. If your name is not there and you post pretty much daily I may have overlooked it, but probably not.

:sad: I didn't make Deb's listen to list. :suicide:

Originally Posted by GatorDeb (Post 9729947)
TheBus I started that book and it's completely awesome and captivating. I'll have more reading time next week. Highly recommended.

Hey! He's not on your listen list! :mad:

Originally Posted by The Bus (Post 9730542)
She still needs to eat vegetables. :)

Dude, be careful - you're flying under the radar here. She listens to you - but doing this may have added you to the ignore list!!!

cungar 09-25-09 01:36 PM

Re: Biggest Loser 2009 Part II
Liver&Onions. You just have not seen the light

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UncleGramps 09-25-09 01:42 PM

Re: Biggest Loser 2009 Part II
Hey Deb - many of us are just trying to be helpful. It just seems like you are dead set against following any advice unless you were already thinking of doing the same thing before the advice was even offered.

Anyway, I'm done. I won't try and offer helpful advice anymore. :)

cungar 09-25-09 01:46 PM

Re: Biggest Loser 2009 Part II
Remember we're talking about someone who has decided to stop seeing her family because family gatherings involve eating. You think she's going to take advice from you lot?

LurkerDan 09-25-09 02:02 PM

Re: Biggest Loser 2009 Part II

Originally Posted by zombeaner (Post 9729737)
So I started yoga today. I have a 40 minute routine on DVD. That shit is hard! Its okay, so was running when I started. I did feel burn I'd never felt before. I'm going to continue with it for a while, see how it progresses and do it 3 days a week with 5 mile runs 4 times a week.

yoga can be great. However, I would recommend finding a yoga studio near you and taking a few classes. Following a DVD, without a human to assess whether you're doing the poses correctly, could lead to trouble. An instructor can also offer a lot of ways to make certain poses work better for you, by using a yoga block, moving a certain way, etc. Another thing with yoga is that it can easily lead to injuries if you are not careful. If something hurts or is uncomfortable, stop, don't do it. Too many people think they're supposed to do the poses as instructed and that pain is good. It isn't.

That said, yoga combined with other forms of exercise, especially aerobic exercise, is a great combo! :up:

Anubis2005X 09-25-09 02:04 PM

Re: Biggest Loser 2009 Part II
"They" say that fruits and veggies are also great for losing weight and being healthy...

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