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My second royal flush

Old 04-16-09, 11:24 PM
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My second royal flush

I was bored tonight, my girlfriend was newly employed, so cash isn't as much of an issue in our household now. I figured I could go up to the local casino and have fun for a couple hours, maybe win a couple bucks.

Eighty minutes in and I'm down $50. Then I get dealt a QA hearts. The flop brings a Th. I jokingly think in my head "Well, I sure hope the Ja hits on the turn." That doesn't happen. Instead, I get the king. I'm getting bet into somewhat big, but it's just by one other person. I call him to the river.

Then the miracle Ja hits. I'm absolutely stunned. I just stare at it as I check. He bets into me, and I just call him. I probably could have raised him, and he would have called, but I wasn't sure what the Casino's Monte Carlo rules were. I just call him, he flips up his cards--I don't even remember what they were, and I just say "... Royal Flush." I turn over my QA and the table explodes.

Not only do I win the $40 or so from the pot, but I nail the Monte Carlo, $2600. Then to top that off, I win the high hand for the hour, which adds another $200 to me. I tip my dealer big and offer to split some with the table, but they say they're fine with just a round of drinks. I also gave the guy who was betting into me $100, because he did bring it to a showdown.

The only other time I've had a Royal was in college when I won $40 off the hand. I thought that was amazing (50 cent big blind game... a pot of over $10 was something spectacular).

Even though I parked about 100 feet from the entrance, the sprint to my car seemed insanely long. I feared getting jumped or something (bad part of town), but I got in, turned on my keys and then freaked out as I was driving.
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Old 04-17-09, 11:42 PM
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Re: My second royal flush

Nice score.
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Re: My second royal flush

I hosted a home game last night and my buddy had one with his AQs. He didn't even realize he had it, he ended up putting the other guy out with his full house.
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Old 04-21-09, 03:10 PM
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Re: My second royal flush

Nice hit. By Ja do you mean Jh? And you DIDN'T raise on the river???

Where do you play that the drinks aren't free anyway?
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Old 04-24-09, 09:33 AM
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Re: My second royal flush

I didn't raise on the river, because I didn't know if he folded if I'd still get the jackpot. A raise might have netted me an extra $6 and lost me $2800.

This is at a little casino in Washington with only 4 tables.
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Re: My second royal flush

wow so if he checks to you, you have to check back?
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