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Share your near-death experiences

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Share your near-death experiences

Inspired by this thread.

I have two - getting hit head-on in my Geo Tracker by a Dodge truck going 60mph on a highway, and getting robbed with a gun to my head for 10 minutes while I waited on the time delay for the safe to unlock.

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I have two...

Once when I was a kid (around maybe 10), I slid under a moving car and it rolled over my fingers. Saw my entire life flash before my eyes.

Then 5 years ago, send day I had my Jeep, someone cut me off as I was making a hard right and I put the Jeep up on two wheels. I didn't sleep for 2 months and wrote out what happened in story form.
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stuck my head into a medium sized attic exhaust fan when I was six- surprised it didn't loop off my nose. Forty six stitches later and a moon scar on my forehead I have a story to tell.
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I had alcohol poisoning once.

Since everyone around me was also drunk, no one really noticed.

It's pretty nasty. Your body is struggling with the overload, so, even though you are passed out, you aren't really unconscious, either.
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Almost died while giving birth to my first born...I think that's about it.
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I was on this boat:
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One time I was crossing the street in the middle of traffic. I only did that because it was really backed up in all lanes. Well, I didn't look at the last lane and started to walk and almost got plowed by a car going about 40 mph. Luckily the dude had good reflexes and slammed on his breaks.
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There was my rollover accident just over 2 weeks ago. Although I didn't really think about it at the time. I was quite lucky in that case.

When I was younger I was riding with my family someplace, I was up front middle, unbelted in a big Olds Tornado when some car pulled a U-turn right in front of us and we hit head on. I walked away from that one with a big goose-egg on my forehead from where my Dad threw out his arm right before the crash, thus preventing me from flying through the windshield. Again, never really realized (until today) just how lucky I was.
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Back in 1995, I skidded off the road at speed. I have enough velocity that when I hit a small bump, the car lept over a fence, flipped end over end and tumbled to a rest with the driver side door on the ground (and the front of the car facing the opposite direction I had been heading). Totaled the almost new car. I luckily received only very minor injuries.
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Me being a inexperienced driver, I had panicked, and instead of trying to avoid a accident and swerve into the shoulder, I for some ungodly reason, swerved into the other driving lanes. Almost got T-boned by a semi.
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I slid on ice under a moving school bus in 4th grade.
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a few hairy situations... some involved shooting...

armed robbery... the minutes were hours there...

into a tree at ~45mph in a sports car... i'm an airbag survivor(man they hit hard)...

doing 360's across 4 lanes of traffic in the rain on I-75, every time the front window came around to face oncoming traffic i saw cars/truck/ and one 18 wheeler 'digging' to one side or the other to miss the head-on at freeway speeds... funny thing is that driver's ed(a head on collision at 55mph is like dropping your car off the Empire state Building) stuff was kinda going through my head... that was wild...

sawmill accident nearly got my right leg... that was freaky... not really life endangering, but you look down and see your leg in the shape mine was in and you go into shock... and you sure as hell are feeling something like 'life and death' type shit...

Mrs. D mentioned alcohol poisoning... i've had a few times of excessive 'imbibing' of various things, including alcohol... got a little close a few times...

missed a head on with a school bus on my Yamaha YZ-80 when i was young... the tip of the left handlebar left a black streak down the side of the bus as i fought to keep it from 'pulling in' and wiping me out...that was scary... came flying around this corner of a building near the dirt pit i was riding in and BUS!!!!

almost left a party with some of my friends... in a late 70's Camaro... they were all wasted, we all were... long story short they went into a tree at an estimated speed of 100mph... the car went up the tree vertically like 12 feet and uprooted and fell the large pine tree... the steering column impaled and killed the driver, a buddy of mine... passenger's face was crushed and many broken, hell he was broke basically, we didn't see him for months... the two in the backseat had everything broken, from pelvis, to arms, legs, bruised heart on one... the driver's mom was coming back late from some party and actually happened by the accident, got stuck in the traffic, and heard her son screaming, she got out to see her son impaled and dying... which was horrible beyond belief... then the news ran the story about all the drugs in the car, and them all being wasted, which i'm sure was even worse for her... i just knew i shouldn't get in there with them, and tried to talk them out of it... the 3 that lived were never 100% again... the only good thing about the whole thing was they were the only ones who dealt with the consequences of the whole thing, that was good... no innocent victims...
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Dave Thomas from Wendy's almost ran me over when I was rather young in the late 90s somewhere in suburban Ohio.

I'm not kidding.
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when I was like 12 I had a bike accident. I was crossing traffic and didn't make it across the road. A car smashed into my back tire and I did a 360 and landed on pavement in the middle of the road. I was lucky that 1. the traffic from the other side was able to stop and not run me over and 2. I did not hi my head.

I walked away with friends without any injuries. I guess I was in luck that day. This thread reminded me of my "stupid" childhood things and 12 and Holding movie(PS--the movie deals with childhood accidents...really good film).
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Originally Posted by BambooLounge
Several passengers said Tuesday night's shipboard movie was supposed to be "Titanic."
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Fell out of a 3 story house when I was 2. Hospitalized for 3 1/2 months.

Also had cancer 4 years ago, although not as big of a deal (no, not joking!.. and actually, it wasn't all that life threatening, got it pretty early).

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Originally Posted by emanon
Irony FTW!

Of course I spent the better part of that morning making all the standard "wouldn't it be ironic..." and "iceberg" jokes. This fact actually kept me in quite good spirits after the event as well, I was far too amused to concern myself with the fact that I could have easily drowned to death.

All 3,100 passengers and 1,200 crew members were accounted for, the Coast Guard said
That is false. As of 3am that night, ship workers were still walking around with a picture of a teenage girl asking random people, myself included, if we had seen her.

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Remind me allow Dr. Mabuse to drive me anywhere...

1. Getting sucked into a strong undertow/riptide in Hawaii when I was about 12. I've been a competitive swimmer my entire life and there was nothing I could do... suddenly I was about 300 yards off shore. I wound up getting smashed against a reef for about five minutes. There is nothing worse than getting stuck in a powerful ocean current, you're just like a ragdoll.

2. Competitive cycling crash in a peleton on a high speed decent when I was about 15. We were doing about 55 when someone crashed in front of me. Two broken collarbones, lots of road rash. It was a nasty crash that was somewhat legendary around my racing league for a few years. The doctor said it looked like I had been in a bad motorcycle accident. I was in shock for a few hours which is not a sensation I recommend.

3. Falling off a second story roof at a beach house... because I was 17, somewhat plastered and being a complete idiot. Amazingly I didn't get hurt at all because I landed on a steep downslope in fairly deep sand. However, the feeling of falling off of something that high was really scary.
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Originally Posted by BambooLounge
me thinks having the boat christened by Martha Stewart was bad mistake
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Originally Posted by Giles
me thinks having the boat christened by Martha Stewart was bad mistake
Apparently it wasn't "a good thing."
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Broken Femur riding down Conzelman in the Marin Headlands, one of those hit the guardrail, and go over, Lucky I was riding with a friend, as otherwise I was screwed.

No way of climbing up from how far down I went.

First thing I thought of when I recovered from what I assume was passing out was fuck, hope I didn't sever the femoral artery..

Heard later the coast guard was on standby with the choppers and/or water recovery in case they fire and rescue couldn't get me up. Those guys all Rock Hard.
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I was driving home on the interstate around 3 AM on a winter night. It was lightly snowing and began sleeting a bit. I had the flu, I had been awake since about 6 the previous morning, and I was about 2 hours from home. Not a good combination.

I was doing around 80 when my car flew into the median, which very luckily happened to be just an embankment and a lot of grass at that particular spot. It spun around several times and then got stuck in the muddy ditch. Had to be winched out, but there was zero damage to the car or to myself. If it had happened at a different spot along the highway, I wouldn't be typing this right now.
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Originally Posted by BambooLounge
I was on this boat:

me thinks having the boat christened by Martha Stewart was bad mistake
Originally Posted by BambooLounge
Apparently it wasn't "a good thing."
ugh - my grammar sucks...
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None that I can recall where I can seriously say I was close to death. There were a few times where I've gotten very close to being seriously injured though.
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Originally Posted by The Bus
None that I can recall where I can seriously say I was close to death. There were a few times where I've gotten very close to being seriously injured though.
Same here. I mentioned in one of the roller coaster threads probably my scariest moment. In the apex of a loop my shoulder harness came loose. Not totally loose, but about 5 'clicks'. This was the first loop and had 3 more after that one. Scared the shit out of me.
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