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Blade 05-24-08 12:38 AM

Need help getting pictures off a cell phone
My wife has a Pink Razr V3c. It doesn't look like it has a SIM card in it.

She dropped it in the ocean the yesterday around noon by accident (was playing with our baby on the shore line) and grabbed it out right away.

It still didn't turn on by last night, so I took it to Circuit City and it came on briefly there, and lit up when connected to power, but not enough for the guy to grab pictures off of it.

We tried letting it dry out more and I just went again tonight, but same results. I took it to a store that had a technician, but he says if the phone won't come on under its own power, then he can't get the pictures off.

They didn't recommend this, but they said some people had had luck baking their phones or wrapping them up and putting them in the dryer for a little while.

When I open it up and take out the batter, there is no SIM card that I can see. It's just a black plastic film with the white bar code stickers on it. It looks like there might be some kind of card under the plastic, but the plastic was clearly not meant to be removed for easy service (it's well glued down).

So, short of more complete ideas on how to get the phone to turn on again, is there any other way I can get photos off of this thing? I'm thinking of trying to contact a data recovery center.

For the curious, the photos are of our dog. We recently lost her (about 2 1/2 months now) and she was like a child to my wife. This is like losing her all over again, so she's pretty upset about the whole thing. I am willing to spend quite a bit of money to get the photos off this phone, so suggestions that would "cost too much" may not be out of the question.

Really appreciate any help anyone can give here. In fact, I will mail a pineapple and chocolate covered macadamia nut cookies to the person who's suggestion gets the photos off of this phone.

If it helps:
battery compartment, battery removed http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/368164...w/CIMG2074.JPG
front of phone
back of phone

BDB 05-24-08 01:44 AM

Definitely put it on some kind of heater, and that should dry out the circuits.

You will need to get it restarted though.. There's no external memory for photos on that phone

Blade 05-24-08 01:50 AM

Thanks BDB.

I'll try that out now.

Blade 05-24-08 01:58 AM

I was wondering if I could buy another one and switch out parts of the bad phone into the good one though...?

BDB 05-24-08 02:15 AM

It's an idea, but which parts do you start with? Jason would be the guy to maybe ask

greg9x 05-24-08 03:54 AM

You shouldn't have been trying to turn the phone on until were sure it was dry.. if applying heat to dry it out make sure the heat is low enough not to melt/damage the phone. The battery should be out of it until your reasonably sure it's dried out. The main concern I would have is that it was salt water which could be corrosive on top of regular water damage. Inspect it carefully for any dirt/salt, possibly use a q-tip and alcohol to clean the battery contacts, etc (WITH BATTERY REMOVED !)

There aren't any parts you are going to be able to replace easily if the phone is hosed that will get it working again..

Oh, and go to howardforums.com and search for drying phone, getting phone working tips.

Blade 05-24-08 04:01 AM

Thanks Greg...will check that out.

benedict 05-24-08 05:01 AM

I can only wish you good luck with the technical question.

However, on a tangent, I was wondering if (m)any of your friends had taken pictures over the years that may include shots of your dog. Do you have copies?

For those where you didn't already receive copies, perhaps it would be feasible to ask all the folk that you know have taken pictures in the past to scour their hard drives, memory sticks/cards, CDs and plain old fashioned photograph albums so that you can put together a full pictorial record.

(I appreciate that you may have thought of this already).

Blade 05-24-08 06:07 AM

We have other photos. Our dog was very cute, but photographed very poorly. She is particularly attached to these.

Thanks for the luck though. :)

X 05-24-08 10:02 AM

I would definitely have dumped the phone in a couple batches of distilled water to get the salt water out of it. Distilled water isn't electrically conductive, salt water is.

If you get no results with what you're trying now, you might as well resoak it in distilled water and then let it dry out again.

Tarantino 05-24-08 10:19 AM

For your next phone, make sure to get one with a memory card slot, so you can save the pictures on that. Then if something happens to the phone, you can just take the card out.

As for not finding a sim card, it's probably Verizon or Sprint (a carrier w/o a sim), but that wouldn't have mattered anyway, since you don't store pics on a sim.

= J

db27 05-24-08 10:23 AM

I have had luck with the little silicon gel packets that come in shoe boxes, and candy and what not. Stick it in a box with some of those for a couple days they help to pull moisture out. Combine it with a hair dryer and you should be good.

TomOpus 05-24-08 10:23 AM

I've heard the same thing that X said about the distilled water. Salt water is very bad for electronics.

I had a similar experience a few weeks ago except it wasn't photos but the phone numbers (I had most of them elsewhere but not all of them). My phone didn't have a SIM card and the display went dark. Phone worked, I just couldn't see anything. After playing around with it for a few days I got it to work. Then I bought a new phone.

Blade 05-24-08 04:42 PM

Originally Posted by X
I would definitely have dumped the phone in a couple batches of distilled water to get the salt water out of it. Distilled water isn't electrically conductive, salt water is.

If you get no results with what you're trying now, you might as well resoak it in distilled water and then let it dry out again.

I thought there was a sim card or external memory and thought it would be better to remove that before trying to rinse it.

Will try that if the heating stuff doesn't work.

Thanks X, and Tom.

Might try the silicone packs too db, not a bad idea.

And thanks Tarantino, I imagine we'll be more proactive with the camera phone pics from now on. ;)

mbs 05-24-08 05:17 PM

Originally Posted by X
you might as well resoak it in distilled water and then let it dry out again.

This is what I would do as well.

Psi 05-24-08 06:05 PM

I am not sure about the re-soaking idea, but if you try it, use a fan to dry the phone out (with battery cover open) for up to a day. I wouldn't put the phone in any type of heat.

Good to see you in Other again, Blade. I'm *almost* glad that you had this phone problem.

Imprint 05-26-08 12:12 AM

After you get it clean and dry, if it still will not power on, find a friend with a Razr and try their battery. I dropped mine in the lake and after drying it out in a bag of uncooked rice for a few days, I tried to turn it on. Came on for a second then went dead. I put in a different battery and it worked. Good luck.

Blade 05-26-08 01:50 AM

Thanks, Imprint.

I have a used pink Razr from Ebay on the way. I'll try the battery swap thing first.

Hey kuroiinu...I stop by every now and then, but don't post as much...don't want to get sucked back in! lol

your momma 05-26-08 01:13 PM

I had this exact same thing happen to me, but involving a toilet...seriously. Same phone too...here's what I did after extensive research.Take battery out, flip open phone, put only the phone in a oven set at 125 for 3 hours. Thats it. When I did this the phone came to life, but half the buttons didn't work. Took it to verizon (not CC) and the tech cleaned it, now works perfectly. I read that a hair dryer is a little to powerful. Not sure how hot it actually gets. Good luck

kvrdave 05-26-08 01:46 PM

You may not have had time to do this, but when I get a good photo, I email it to myself. Makes it easy to use, and keeps it secure.

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