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DarkestPhoenix 04-21-08 01:36 AM

Chick Wants Me....or DOES She...?

Fok 04-21-08 02:11 AM

Originally Posted by DarkestPhoenix
....ask a question to try and decipher what this chick is thinking...

Tough question dude, who knows how chicks think, it's like trying to figure out the how and when the universe began.
Anways, maybe she's just one of those really friendly people who like to chat. I've met a few girls like that, friendly and guys take it the wrong way. Or maybe she's just testing you to see how if you'll take it to the next level.

DeputyDave 04-21-08 02:34 AM

4) Slut

Tarantino 04-21-08 03:32 AM


5) She was just curious and meant nothing by it.

= J

Coral 04-21-08 04:44 AM


6) She actually was interested in you until she found out that you're unattached. She can't use you to boost her ego, so you're out of the picture now.

big whoppa 04-21-08 06:14 AM

or ...

7) She was considering you for a potential friend with benefits, Mr. Clueless. That window of opportunity has passed.

fmian 04-21-08 06:16 AM

Walk into the coffee shop next time with a nice looking girl attached to your arm, and mildly ignore Emily, as if you don't have time for her anymore. Laugh and be a little touchy with the girl. Kiss her on the cheeks before you leave. Make sure Emily sees this.
Observe her reactions out the corner of your eye. If she seems uncomfortable, plays with her hair, scratches her cheek or hands then she probably likes you.
Then punish her for turning you down by being jovial with all the other staff, but not with her. Make some light fun of her with her colleagues so she feels left out. Give her little pockets of attention if she starts to get farther away from you.
She will come back to you for more attention, with you having demonstrated dominance over her and the people around her.
She has probably unknowingly tried to play cat and mouse with you. Show her that you are a tiger.

debbert 04-21-08 08:41 AM

You're the backup plan!

4KRG 04-21-08 08:55 AM

Originally Posted by DarkestPhoenix

Anyway, theories? Thoughts?

She sees you as harmless, possibly as a friend of the owner and someone she should give special attention to as a customer.

Maybe her 'friend zone' had an opening :)

Sean O'Hara 04-21-08 09:18 AM

Every time I go in, I'm nice, like I am to everybody, and she always gives me a big smile when I walk through the door.
Okay, important lesson -- the waitress/clerk/barista is <i>never</i> flirting with you. She serves hundreds of guys per day, many of them much better looking than you, and she smiles at all of them. That's her job. If you ask out a w/c/b, 99 times out of 100 she'll tell you she has a boyfriend -- she probably doesn't, but she can't say, "Get lost, creep," to a customer.

Now 1 time in 100, the w/c/b will accept a date with you. This is because she's a slut, and quite possibly looking for someone to be her baby's daddy . You can improve your odds by looking for tramp-stamps -- w/c/bs with tramp-stamps always wear clothes that expose them.

Rockmjd23 04-21-08 09:20 AM

No, she doesn't want you, and it's quite possible that she and her boyfriend are laughing at you right now while having sex all day.

Not to be a downer or anything.

AGuyNamedMike 04-21-08 09:29 AM

Originally Posted by DarkestPhoenix
...I thought I'd give a shout-out to the DVDTalk legends...

What, are we like The X-Presidents or something?


VinVega 04-21-08 09:30 AM

It's rare that a DarkestPhoenix thread isn't fun. The responses here, while typical are as amusing as always. :lol:

Kittydreamer 04-21-08 09:37 AM

DP, you're a very nice looking man. She probably saw the hawtness that is you and couldn't help herself. Seriously. Boink the crap outta her then report back here. :up:

Mrs. Danger 04-21-08 10:01 AM

You could always just ask her.

VinVega 04-21-08 10:07 AM

Originally Posted by Mrs. Danger
You could always just ask her.

What kind of game is that? We need drama here. :D

Kittydreamer 04-21-08 10:18 AM

"Hey, you want a piece of the DP or what?!?" I'm thinking that wouldn't go over so well.

mbs 04-21-08 11:07 AM

Originally Posted by Kittydreamer
"Hey, you want a piece of the DP or what?!?" I'm thinking that wouldn't go over so well.

Especially if you neglected to let her know that DP does not mean double penetration. Unless she's into that stuff...

NIMH Rat 04-21-08 11:31 AM

Men sure like to think, don't they?

wishbone 04-21-08 12:20 PM

If you not able to glean anything more substantive from her then you will probably need to decide to a) pursue her in a more determined manner, like Sean O'Hara's suggestion for example or b) be cool with her talking to you but that it probably will not go anywhere. Putting up with mixed signals is teh suck.

Nonetheless, good for you to ask her out with the info available. http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/3563/thumbsupfb8.gif

Palaver 04-21-08 01:06 PM

Most obvious answer. The owner has the hots for her himself. He gave you the wrong name to sabotage your efforts so he can have "Emily" all to his self.

Mole177 04-21-08 01:21 PM

she found out you want to pee in her butt.

criptik28 04-21-08 01:27 PM

fmian gave the best advice.

Palaver 04-21-08 02:21 PM

Originally Posted by DarkestPhoenix
Coffee shop owner is gay, so that's funny.

'course, could be a cover to get more play...

He's more cunning than I originally suspected

Tom Banjo 04-21-08 03:02 PM

Originally Posted by DarkestPhoenix
Coffee shop owner is gay, so that's funny.

'course, could be a cover to get more play...

Or perhaps he wants you, DP, and plans to make his move now that you're in this "fragile state."

But seriously, I would explain everything to your friend, and see what's up.

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