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What were you doing ten years ago? + Bonus Topic: One thing you'd tell yourself then

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What were you doing ten years ago? + Bonus Topic: One thing you'd tell yourself then

Old 04-13-08, 12:05 PM
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lol Nick.

Yeah he's a great guy. The first time around I married because I was young and impressionable. I had baby number two because I thought it would make us closer - and I really wanted another baby. I love kids. That would be another reason why I now have three of them.

My second (and last) husband is incredible. We're in our 6th year now.
Old 04-13-08, 12:09 PM
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I was failing my first year of university leading a boring tame life. Funny, I still lead a boring life 10 years later.

The thing I would have told myself was to not invest in high tech and instead invest in previous metals after I won the car since it would now be worth half a million instead of my having lost most of it.
Old 04-13-08, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by dick_grayson
I would be 18. I would tell myself to jump off a bridge.
I'd be 15. I'd tell myself the same thing. Well, something similar. This city doesn't have any good bridges to jump off of.
Old 04-13-08, 12:27 PM
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10 years ago, I was finishing my second year of college, and by finishing i mean the semester was coming to an end, I wasn't finishing anything. I didn't take any of my finals that semester, I played Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on ps1 instead...

I would tell myself to shut up and keep nailing the red head who was showing up at my door nightly with no strings attached. I stupidly thought those types of things would go on forever...All that shit stopped when I began dating my future wife in the summer of '99...oh, and PS...START GOING TO CLASS so you don't end up going for 10 uninterupted years of undergrad and get 4 degrees of which you will only ever use one...

now that i think about it, 5 more things I would tell myself...
1. the video store down the street doesn't have Twin peaks season 2, and no matter how many times they tell you it is on order, they aren't getting it, so unless you want to spend the whole summer wondering what happened after the cliff hanger, skip season 1 and wait until it comes out on dvd...
2. Don't spend all that money on the Star wars CCG card sets, decipher will lose the rights next year and the cards will be dirt cheap. Plus you suck at it, the 12 year olds at the comic store beat you every sunday...and while we are on the topic of star wars, son't wait inline overnight to see it next year, it wont be worth it...
3. Please make sure your roomate pays the Gas bill, because otherwise you will get a bill in January of 2008 for his unpaid balance. Yes they keep track and when you sign up for utilities at you new address they send the bill there...
4. Whip-its make you dumb, no sober person spends an entire day worrying about that comet headed toward earth...

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Old 04-14-08, 12:11 AM
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Ten years ago I was doing the same thing for the most part. I was still living with my parents. I had a decent group of friends, more than I have now and I was just as single as I am now.

Hmm what would I tell myself.

1. If you are already friends with B, don't loan him money in the future even though by that time you have been friends for 8 years or so. If you aren't proceed with caution, looking back not really sure he was worth the time. Also he and his wife won't get along with you long term future girlfriend. Definitely debate letting him move in, it destroys any friendship you had and he has a habit of intentionally or unintentionally cock-blocking you with note #2.

2. If you do make friends with him, make friends with his roommate N. She might not be your type now, but when B and his wife move away she will have improved tenfold by the time they move back and she aims to please. Ignore the fact she and B had an affair since it doesn't affect you.

3. Keep on Wachovia. Realize what you say in a financial planning meeting won't get done once they get back to the office. Go with your instinct and make sure you call to specifically have them liquidate your holdings with Enron. Don't worry about any tax implications since in the end you will come out better ahead. Then invest the all the cash minus money to pay taxes in Apple and Google.
Old 04-14-08, 09:03 AM
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I was 17 and finishing up my junior year in high school in Savannah.

I would tell myself:
1) Go to Florida instead of Georgia Tech. I worked for Florida Power & Light and I'm currently employed by Georgia Power. There are lots of engineers at both companies who graduated from Florida, so I'd probably have turned out just as fine professionally, but I would have gone to a school where the male/female ration wasn't stacked against me.

2) Don't be so angry at mom when you visit home in August 2002. You'll seriously regret that you weren't more understanding of what she was going through the last time you ever see her.

3) Grow a pair and ask more girls out while you're still a student. School makes it so easy to attend social functions and classes where you can mingle with other people. Once you're out in the working world, making friends becomes something that requires self motivation.

4) Keep playing tennis or some sport.

5) Buy yourself a bed that's bigger than a twin the instant you get your first job out of college because this mattress is on its last legs.

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Old 04-14-08, 09:35 AM
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I was finishing my last year of high school. Advice to my former self? Fine, you're a genius, we all get it. But if you applied yourself just 5% more your GPA would shoot through the roof. Plus, women can be just as insecure as you, so stop giving them the upper hand over and over again, relax, and make the effort.
Old 04-14-08, 06:56 PM
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I was just getting ready to go into college. I would probably tell myself to pay attention to the few people that were trying to tell me my girlfriend was cheating on me.
Old 04-14-08, 09:19 PM
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<img src="http://www.fantasticdamage.com/blog/regrets1.gif">
Old 04-15-08, 01:44 PM
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It's good to know that my regrets are not in the Top 3.


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