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Jadzia 03-12-08 06:34 PM

I guess she called in shit for work.

Brent L 03-12-08 06:37 PM

That must have been one hell of a bathroom reader book!

mndtrp 03-12-08 06:50 PM

How many of you guys have spent any time in Kansas? There isn't really much to do. Sitting on the pot for 2 years never occurred to me, but I've done some pretty boring things growing up.

Lady Deviant 03-12-08 08:42 PM

I'm sorry she did what? And what did he do????

Lady Deviant 03-12-08 08:43 PM

Was this some kind of bizarre suicide by filth attempt?

DVD Polizei 03-12-08 08:59 PM

Think of the kids that never got dropped off at the pool. Fucking parents these days.

Sean O'Hara 03-12-08 09:16 PM

Originally Posted by DVD Polizei
Think of the kids that never got dropped off at the pool. Fucking parents these days.

The truth is, she was pregnant and didn't realize it, and the baby got stuck on the way out.

Bacon 03-12-08 09:29 PM

Martin Rigs to the rescue!!


IDrinkMolson 03-12-08 09:39 PM

Wasn't this a Nip/tuck episode where her flesh got woven into the couch fabric?

What in the hell is wrong with people?! At this rate, I will never be able to say 'Now, I've heard it all'.

movieguru 03-12-08 11:22 PM

Did he tell her not to squeeze the Charmin while she was in there?

Gizmo 03-13-08 12:00 AM

I bet she was just to pooped to get up!

RaMMaR 03-13-08 12:43 AM

:whofart: That must've been one helluva sudoku puzzle!

Gunde 03-13-08 03:00 AM

Well she's obviously sick. But what the fuck was HE thinking!?

raven56706 03-13-08 08:41 AM

wow... that must have been one helleva burrito

Vibiana 03-13-08 08:59 AM

Originally Posted by mndtrp
How many of you guys have spent any time in Kansas? There isn't really much to do.

There is in my neighborhood, especially if you're Bando. :D

Mrs. Danger 03-13-08 09:12 AM

What I want to know is, did she have any form of entertainment in there? I mean, if she had internet in there, it is all explained.

superdeluxe 03-13-08 12:20 PM

They are thinking about charging the guy?

For what? Maybe being a dumbass and not dumping her.

I wonder what would have happened had he left for a 2 week vacation.

kenbuzz 03-13-08 12:22 PM

Pimped Out Power Room Sweepstakes - Roto-Rooter
Too bad for her, had she only known that Roto-Rooter was looking for someone to sponsor.....

Linky: http://www.rotorooter.com/powder/


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* Aquavision® T-1 LCD MIRRORIVISION: This flat panel 17-inch TV doubles as a non-steamable bathroom mirror AND boasts a built-in heated towel rack. As if that's not enough, it's equipped with a waterproof remote control that can float in a bathtub
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porieux 03-13-08 06:08 PM

I still think the story is a hoax. I simply do not believe it.

Mrs. Danger 03-13-08 06:40 PM

Hey, the sofa thing was true, this is easier to believe.

mhg83 03-13-08 07:39 PM

Originally Posted by superdeluxe
They are thinking about charging the guy?

For what? Maybe being a dumbass and not dumping her.

I wonder what would have happened had he left for a 2 week vacation.

Maybe the boyfriend had mental problems too? Thats the only thing i can think of.

jonnyquest 03-13-08 07:48 PM

I found an updated story, which does offer some explanations.


Woman Who Sat On Toilet Seat For Two Years Refusing To Help Medical Authorities
Thursday March 13, 2008
CityNews.ca Staff
It's one of the most bizarre cases detectives in the small town of Ness City, Kansas have ever dealt with. And now they have a new question - was there actually a crime committed? It's a story we first told you about on Wednesday, when a man called 911 about his girlfriend.

When authorities arrived, they were stunned. They discovered that 35-year-old Pam Babcock had apparently been sitting on her boyfriend's toilet seat for two years straight. The situation was so bad, the woman's skin had actually grown around the seat and it had to be removed surgically.

"We pried the toilet seat off with a pry bar and the seat went with her to the hospital," explains Ness County Sheriff Bryan Whipple. "The hospital removed it."

Now questions are being raised about why Kory McFarren waited so long to call anyone and whether he should be charged with a crime.

He claims the woman in question had a phobia about leaving the bathroom caused by beatings she received in her childhood - and that it was her choice to stay in there. "She is an adult; she made her own decision," McFarren contends. "I should have gotten help for her sooner; I admit that. But after a while, you kind of get used to it."

The 36-year-old antique store worker insists the odd arrangement simply evolved over time and it got to the point where he no longer thought of it as strange. "It just kind of happened one day; she went in and had been in there a little while, the next time it was a little longer. Then she got it in her head she was going to stay - like it was a safe place for her," he outlines.

He claims she wasn't sitting on the seat for two years straight. She took baths, changed clothes and ate the food he served her in the room. He would come in to talk to her and they had otherwise normal conversations. It's just that they all happened in the washroom.

What changed? When Babcock appeared groggy and listless on February 27th, after spending as much as a month on the seat, McFarren panicked and finally called for help. Experts couldn't believe what they found when they arrived.

The victim seemed disoriented, her legs had atrophied from disuse, and she had literally grown into the seat. "She was not glued. She was not tied. She was just physically stuck by her body," Whipple points out. "It is hard to imagine. ... I still have a hard time imagining it myself."

And even then it wasn't easy. Babcock initially refused to leave her lavatory sanctuary but paramedics finally convinced her she needed to be checked out.

The couple has been together for 16 years and McFerrin is adamant that he tried to coax her out of her hiding place every day since she took up her post, but to no avail. "Her reply would be, 'Maybe tomorrow,'" Whipple relates. "According to him, she did not want to leave the bathroom."

Babcock was in fair condition in a Wichita hospital but her bizarre lifestyle may have forever changed her prognosis. She's refusing to cooperate with her doctors or law enforcement personnel, and her years in that seat have damaged the nerves in her legs.

Doctors say there's a good chance she'll never walk again and she could wind up in a wheelchair.

The woman is reported to have had a traumatic childhood after her mother died when she was still a little girl. A neighbour recalls she was always kept inside her home and was rarely allowed to go outside.

The local sheriff now says he plans to charge the boyfriend with mistreatment of a dependent adult. But others are wondering if that's just.

They note neither of the duo involved appears to be in their right mind, and it may be that it's just an unfortunate arrangement among two people with diminished capacities.

porieux 03-13-08 08:33 PM

Originally Posted by Mrs. Danger
Hey, the sofa thing was true, this is easier to believe.

I don't see how it would be physically possible to sleep that way, whereas with a sofa I guess it's not as hard to imagine, though I am not familiar with the sofa story. FZ would have had a field day with this stuff LOL.

Kasha 03-20-08 11:11 AM

Boyfriend charged in Kansas toilet case

NESS CITY, Kan. - A man whose girlfriend authorities say spent nearly two years in a bathroom in their house, sitting on the toilet so long that the seat adhered to her body, has been charged with mistreatment of a dependent adult.

Kory McFarren, 37, was charged Monday in Ness County District Court.

McFarren called the Ness County Sheriff's Office in late February to say something was wrong with his girlfriend. When authorities arrived at the home, they found Pam Babcock, 35, stuck to the toilet, which they think she had sat on for about a month.

McFarren told authorities that Babcock feared leaving the bathroom and may not have left it in two years, although said he was unsure how long she was in there. He said that he took her food and water daily, and that he repeatedly asked her to come out but that she usually replied "maybe tomorrow."

"The only thing I am guilty of is I didn't get her help sooner," McFarren told The Associated Press nearly a week ago.

Ness County Attorney Craig Crosswhite said the mistreatment charge most closely fit the situation.

"I looked at the statutes and spoke to the attorney general's office," he said. "This was a very unusual set of circumstances, and this is the law that most closely applied to the situation."

Authorities said Babcock sat on the toilet so long that open sores developed and caused her to become attached to the seat. Sheriff Bryan Whipple has said that he used a pry bar to remove the seat from the toilet, and that the woman was taken to the hospital with the seat still attached.

"She would have to be sleeping on the toilet," Whipple said.

Doctors at a Wichita hospital where Babcock was taken told McFarren that an infection in her legs had damaged her nerves and could leave her in a wheelchair. She was still at the hospital Wednesday night.

McFarren's first court appearance will be in April, Crosswhite said.

10-7 03-27-08 06:09 PM

Originally Posted by mhg83
Maybe the boyfriend had mental problems too? Thats the only thing i can think of.

It's official. The guy is a freak.

Boyfriend of woman on toilet arrested
A man whose girlfriend sat on a toilet for so long that the seat adhered to her body has been arrested in a separate case. Authorities say Kory McFarren was arrested Sunday for alleged lewd and lascivious behavior.

He allegedly exposed himself to a neighbor's teenage daughter and her friends. He spent the night in jail before posting bond.

No charges had been filed by Thursday. The 36-year-old McFarren could not be reached for comment.

He was charged last week with a misdemeanor count of mistreatment of a dependent adult. That was after his girlfriend was found stuck to the toilet in late February.

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