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Coworker gross-out: what would you have done?

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Coworker gross-out: what would you have done?

I work in a building with about 2500 people. I needed to fill up a 2-gallon water container and the break room sink on our floor was out of order, so I went up one floor.

When I got to the break room, there was a young man, early 20s I'd say, using the sink to BRUSH HIS TEETH. I might add that there are restrooms located about 20 feet away from the break room on each floor.

He moved aside and stood there, brushing, while I filled my container. When I turned off the water and fled, he resumed his place at the sink and, I presume, *spit* and continued.

I was so stunned I was speechless. When I got back to my desk I emailed the building services superintendent asking that signage be placed over the sink on that floor, but I feel really stupid for not having said something to the young cretin myself.

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Don't see a problem.
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At least he wasn't flossin' with butt hair!
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I don't find it horribly disgusting, just weird. I know I wouldn't feel comfortable brushing my teeth in such a public place, so I'm not sure why he didn't just use the restroom. If it happened to me, I'd probably just give the guy a weird look and laugh at him behind his back.
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I don't see what's disgusting about that.
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Doesn't seem that disgusting to me, though I'd have to be there.
At least you know he brushes his teeth, right?
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You should have asked to borrow his nail clippers.
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don't see the problem.

i know some people are raised to not use the kitchen sink for anything but dishes...not even washing hands. whereas, i figure they are all pipes
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As long as he rinsed the sink out, I don't see anything gross.

After all, he did step aside, rather than froth in your ear.
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I would have went and shit on his chair, then wiped my ass with his phone receiver!

I mean that is the same level of disgusting right? RIGHT?
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It's socially awkward, but it's not gross. Gross is the infested sponge on the rim of the sink.

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I don't see the issue there.
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I want to subscribe to your newsletter.
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Sorry Vibiana, I don't see anything wrong with it.
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Vibiana probably sees a problem with brushing teeth
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The guy could have OCD. Poor guy.
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I don't see anything gross about it either.
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I dont get it... I mean people wash out there disgusting milk and food containers in our break room sink, so I dont see how some toothpaste and back wash is any worse.
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Originally Posted by das Monkey
Gross is the infested sponge on the rim of the sink.
I think I need to get my eyes checked. I read this as "Gross is the ingested spooge on the rim of the sink". I was wondering what kind of office you work in!
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How DARE the guy practice good dental hygiene!?!
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Were you planning on eating out of the break room sink or something?
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Let's just say that he was cleaning his mouth in a different way in the bathroom.
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We can walk on coals
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Just don't get gingivitis.
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Sorry, unless you are home....use the bathroom to brush your teeth. You need to be respectful of your coworkers.
That's tacky.
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I mean, it's weird, but not as weird as you are making it out to be.
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