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Johnny Fever 01-25-08 07:00 PM

Are mice good jumpers?
My girlfriend saw a mouse in my apartment this afternoon and now she refuses to sleep over until I catch the little creature. She's afraid the mouse will hop into bed with us when we're sleeping at night. rotfl I tried explaining to her that the mouse probably has better things to do then take a nap with us but my gf is not listening. I'm not even sure that a mouse can jump high enough to reach the top of our bed so I figured I'd ask the experts around here. So how high can a mouse jump? She left my place a couple of hours ago and later called leaving the following message: "is it dead yet?".

So what's the best way to catch one of these things? Poison or the traditional mouse trap?

Deftones 01-25-08 07:06 PM

They are good climbers...

Johnny Fever 01-25-08 07:11 PM

Originally Posted by Deftones
They are good climbers...

Well there's no ladder in my bedroom so I guess we are safe :up: I'm going to call her right now and tell her the good news.

Kittydreamer 01-25-08 07:12 PM

Borrow a cat or a hunting dog, either will work

Mrs. Danger 01-25-08 07:12 PM

white mice can't jump.

Th0r S1mpson 01-25-08 07:25 PM

Um... mice can jump a lot further than you think.

Oraphus 01-25-08 07:28 PM

i know rats can jump very well.. i would assume mice can jump as well.

start looking for a new apartment woos

TomOpus 01-25-08 07:30 PM

Not only are they good jumpers but they're great doorstops.

devilshalo 01-25-08 07:32 PM

Are you sure it was a mouse? And not a small rat? Tho both probably chew the hell out of stuff in your apartment.

hal9000 01-25-08 07:44 PM

Yes mice can jump... I've watched them jump from a grapefruit tree in my backyard to the roof of my house... I was shocked, those little suckers can fly about 3 ft. like it was nothing. Considering their size, that would be like you or me jumping the length of a city block.

Your GF should rest easier knowing they probably walk all over her head while she's sleeping. ;)

ernestrp 01-25-08 07:44 PM

Get a hamster. And they have baby fur on their tummys.


Pressplay 01-25-08 08:03 PM

I'm going to go with "Yes".

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DVD Polizei 01-25-08 10:56 PM

Tell her you killed the poor thing. Then spread a bunch of raisins on the sheets. Have her get in bed first, so she can feel the mouse "poopies".

Feel free to eat the raisins to "kick the humor" up a notch.

jonnyquest 01-25-08 11:17 PM

A poisoned mouse isn't likely to be found dead in your apt (it's gonna run away before croaking). If you require proof, traps is the way to go. Peanut butter is the best bait. Don't be surprised if there is more than one mouse.

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