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Venusian 12-21-07 09:38 AM

Who's at work today?
who, besides me, is at work today? My office is mostly abandoned.

Mopower 12-21-07 09:40 AM

Why wouldn't I be?

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. 12-21-07 09:41 AM

aren't most people working? the holiday isn't until tuesday.

prp2 12-21-07 09:42 AM

I am, though I'll try to see if I can boogie early once the dust settles. I have to work on Monday, as well.

wendersfan 12-21-07 09:45 AM

Here 'til 2:00.

Toad 12-21-07 09:46 AM

Here today, Christmas Eve, and day after Christmas.

Yes, I want a pity party.

Brian Shannon 12-21-07 09:47 AM

I am, just another day of the week.

AGuyNamedMike 12-21-07 09:49 AM

Working from home today. The campus actually closes from Dec 19 to Jan 2, but being IT I have plenty to do.

twikoff 12-21-07 09:50 AM

Im here.. but its pretty empty.. lots of people already using vacation days
we just got a notice that we can leave at 2 though (I had planned to sneak out at 3)

but after today.. between holiday and vacation time, Ill be out till jan 7th :banana:

twikoff 12-21-07 09:52 AM

Originally Posted by Lunatikk
aren't most people working? the holiday isn't until tuesday.

most people around here, use their vacation time around the holidays
the schools around here have been out for a couple days, so alot of people take the time off to match their kids vacation days when they can

Cyngen 12-21-07 09:52 AM

I'm working today, just another day. We do have a 'feast' at noon where everyone brings in foods to share.


j123vt_99 12-21-07 09:56 AM

here.. but not really doing much work. Probably will leave after lunch .

We are off Mon - Wed.

cdollaz 12-21-07 10:02 AM

I think I am going to leave around 11 and go to the zoo with my family today. I will be here Monday though.

Nifty03 12-21-07 10:08 AM

I'm at work, no too busy though.

See: http://forum.dvdtalk.com/showthread.php?t=517236

Charlie Goose 12-21-07 10:09 AM

Not only am I here, but in another section the 2nd shift guy called in sick (last fiscal day of the year, hmmmm), and the floater isn't available to cover that shift because he's already covering the vacation of the 3rd shift guy. Meanwhile, the 1st shift guy is freaking out because he's afraid he might have to work a double. SO they come to me to possibly cover, even though I don't have the correct logins anymore. Neither the 1st shift guy or the floater on 3rd shift wants to work a double shift, but they have no problem asking me to do it. Believe me, I love the OT, but I'm going to let them all sweat for a while.

LivingINClip 12-21-07 10:10 AM

Goin to work in about five minutes. I have to work all weekend also and then turn around and come back in Wensday and work another six days, at least.

Chew 12-21-07 10:11 AM

There's a lot of people out around me, 5 out of 7 from my team are not here today. I'm one of the two that is.

McHawkson 12-21-07 10:14 AM

I'm here at work full day. And another full day on Monday. :mad2:

slymer 12-21-07 10:14 AM

I'm here. Not planning on doing too much though. Looks like most of my co-workers have started their vacations.

twikoff 12-21-07 10:20 AM

Originally Posted by Nifty03
I'm at work, no too busy though.

See: http://forum.dvdtalk.com/showthread.php?t=517236

Ive played alot of those.. and nothing else has been posted in there recently that held my attention
Im bored, so I went back to desktop tower defense.. until i can find something better

mikehunt 12-21-07 10:24 AM

I would be but this is my week to get the full day saturday shift so I get today off
I'll be there monday and wednesday too

GreenEggs248 12-21-07 10:29 AM

Half day today and won't be back to work till the 2nd of Jan

kantonburg 12-21-07 10:30 AM

I'm here. Besides the office staff up front I'm the only single person out here today. With nothing to do to boot.

antennaball 12-21-07 10:46 AM

Regular day off.

Vibiana 12-21-07 10:46 AM

I'm here today but plan to leave early to pick up Mitzvah from the vet. On Monday the office is open only in the morning. I have Tuesday off, then I'll be back Wednesday and so on.

I have only been here a few months so do not have vacation time yet. It is pretty deserted now that most schools are already dismissed for the holidays.

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