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MitzEclipse 06-02-07 04:43 AM

Need running shoe advice please
Hi All,

I currently use the BROOKS Radius R6 running shoe (i don't pronate, have wide, no/low-arch feet). I'm in the market for a new shoe - wondering if there are any ASICS comparables?

Thank you

MitzEclipse 06-03-07 11:47 AM


NotThatGuy 06-03-07 01:18 PM

Birkenstocks are my choice:



FantasticVSDoom 06-03-07 04:06 PM

I was always a Saucony guy but just switched to Asics and I love them... Definitely go to a running store and have them look at your gait and pick the right ones, but Im now all about the Asics. I have the Asics Gel-nimbus TN635


NotThatGuy 06-03-07 04:08 PM

New Balance didn't give me shin splints (most of the others did.....arch issues and most running shoes weren't wide enough for my foot)


TGM 06-03-07 04:20 PM

My advice? Buy two. A left... AND a right.

al_bundy 06-03-07 06:13 PM

when i used to run 10 miles a week i used to wear Nike Air Max. Awesome shoes and worth every penny of $150 i used to buy them for every 6 months.

mather 06-03-07 10:23 PM

I really like my Asics, and I'm not even a runner. Just like the way they fit and feel.

TheNightFlier 06-03-07 10:34 PM

I used to have a couple pairs of Nike Shox which I used exclusively for running. I recently switched over to ASICS and haven't looked back. Have a pair of the Gel Cumulus VIII and GT 2110s, love them.

UWSarge 06-03-07 10:40 PM

I've bought my last 3 or 4 pairs of running shoes from running shoe stores and find them most helpful in finding the best pair for my feet and how I run. My current pair are Asics.

jfoobar 06-04-07 06:21 PM

When I used to run regularly, I was also always a Saucony guy.

I am a New Balance (and Dunham boots) loyalist now, though, but I have never used their running shoes.

ernestrp 06-04-07 06:49 PM

I buy whatever is on clearance.


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