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Dead 04-18-07 02:00 PM

Originally Posted by kvrdave
I give...what does it equal?

Since I had go Google it, I'll assume that's a half question and half joke.

The answer to the question part appears to be the "Human Rights Campaign" (www.hrc.org).

Vibiana 04-18-07 02:05 PM

Originally Posted by kvrdave
It does seem appropriate. -wink-

I thought you were over in the General's thread, shooting cats. :D

wendersfan 04-18-07 02:33 PM

Originally Posted by kvrdave
I give...what does it equal?

Rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation.

girlnextdoor 04-18-07 02:38 PM

American Cancer Society

namja 04-18-07 02:50 PM

Afghanistanis with aids

Kudama 04-18-07 03:36 PM

Peta !!!

antennaball 04-18-07 03:37 PM

Komen for me. Breast cancer took my mother-in-law last year and almost took my aunt. High probability that my wife will develop it in the next 20 years or so, as almost everyone in her mom's family had it.

Kudama 04-18-07 03:38 PM


But for real, The SPCA. The one they have in San Francisco is amazing. I wish they could all be that good and I would get my game show on for that.

The Bus 04-18-07 05:28 PM

Probably DNREC Non-Game Wildlife, perhaps Amnesty International since they do a fair share of work in my home country.

cupcake jesus 04-18-07 05:30 PM

If I support the Human Rights Campaign, do I get a handjob?

Please explain their policy.


-the Jesus

Tracer Bullet 04-18-07 05:32 PM

Originally Posted by cupcake jesus
If I support the Human Rights Campaign, do I get a handjob?

Please explain their policy.


-the Jesus

Only if you're rich.

Here's a pretty good article on the HRC. It's a couple of years old, but not that out-of-date.


Basically, nobody has any idea what they do with their money or what their priorities are, and they keep promising to get bills passed. Meanwhile, other groups are actually doing stuff like targeting anti-gay candidates from across the country and getting them defeated.

darkflounder 04-18-07 06:54 PM




Bacon 04-18-07 06:57 PM

Originally Posted by Kudama
Peta !!!

me too


SPiRAL 04-18-07 08:24 PM

Youth Diabetes Foundation

WallyOPD 04-18-07 08:29 PM

I work for a charity so I'd play for them to help pay my salary. :up:

Ky-Fi 04-18-07 08:36 PM

I had a bit of a falling out with Amnesty International. I was a longtime supporter, but I was on a long car ride and listening to a Canadian radio station, and they had a regional spokesman for AI on, and he was asked why they focused so much on US transgressions---and he said that the US was such an important player in global human rights, that it was often more crucial to point out their mistakes. They lost me on that. I took that to mean that the human rights and suffering of some human beings were just not as important or newsworthy as those of others. I feel they should focus the commensurate attention on the countries that are objectively committing the worst human rights violations---this guy explicitly said they were not necessarily doing that. And I sure gave an earful to the representative that called me later asking for money, and he started out with his spiel on Guantanamo Bay---I asked him if that was the worst human rights violation going on in the world today, and he said it wasn't----I said "that's why I'm not giving you any more money."

Anyways, the ones that I support regularly are:

World Vision, a very effective Christian charity:


International Rescue Committe, a relief organization founded by Albert Einstein that focuses on the victims of armed conflict:


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