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BustaCones 04-05-07 11:22 AM

Things to do in Toronto?
I'm planning a weekend in Toronto for the end of May and I'm looking for suggestions on what to do there. I'm a huge hockey fan, so the Hall of Fame will definitely be visited. Theres also that huge tower (can't think of the name right now). Other than that, I've got nothing else planned.

Any suggestions on other sites to visit? I'm sure theres plenty.

Since the NHL playoffs will still be going on I'll definitely go to some local bars to watch whatever games are going on, any must-visit bars to look for?

Thanks a lot folks.


vegasbaby 04-05-07 11:36 AM

Visit Wergo. He lives there.

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. 04-05-07 11:37 AM

Originally Posted by vegasbaby
Visit Wergo. He lives there.

Just don't go to any bars he suggests!

jonw9 04-05-07 12:16 PM

I think it is the CNN tower! ;)

When we went it seemed a lot of places closed early, like 5:00 downtown. It made it difficult to visit places after work (I was working in Oshawa).

Duh Vuh Duh 04-05-07 12:37 PM

Originally Posted by BustaCones
any must-visit bars to look for?


Paging wergo.... :D2:

leest3 04-05-07 01:19 PM

There's a club called Guvernment in Toronto. Last time I checked they had a Phazon sound system, which if tuned correctly, is the best in the world. They also have Class A DJ's playing there all the time. I've heard many good things about the place.

Southside 04-05-07 03:11 PM

It's the CN Tower (Canadian National). there are two observation decks, the higher one is more money, but that's your option. they also have a glass floor section on the main observation, which is freaky.

since your going in may, i would suggest taking a boat tour of the harbour. toronto is behind only new york and london when it comes to producing theatre, so you can check some of those out ( i would recommend second city). there are lots of nice bars/restaurants/clubs on richmond and adedlaide. let's see...for touristy stuff you can go to the royal ontario museum, casa lorma, head over to kensington ( i think) market off of spadina, walk along yonge street (longest street in the world), shop on bloor street and take a day trip to niagara falls. most hotels have a bunch of info on things to see, look in hte lobby or speak to the staff.

mikehunt 04-05-07 07:09 PM

from the upper deck, and maybe the lower one, you can see Rochester NY across Lake Ontario

there's always Private Eyes a bit south in St. Catharines

Minor Threat 04-05-07 07:19 PM

you can find a nice bench and watch the crappy architecture crumble.

Man, I hate that town.....

Shazam 04-05-07 10:58 PM

Originally Posted by Minor Threat
you can find a nice bench and watch the crappy architecture crumble.

Man, I hate that town.....

Acid rain baby!

Celtic Bob 04-06-07 02:52 AM

Healey's, owned by Jeff Healey. He plays there on weekends usually with his band The Jazz Wizards. I have yet to see them :( I saw him there mid week doing some cool blues music and a bit of rock

The Horseshoe - A country-esque place. Small but cool.

Bovine Sex Club - Excellant Rock club on Queen St.

Rivoli is supposed to be cool as well but have yet to visit there.

ElMocombo - Stones and SRV have played there.

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