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Save Ferris 10-09-06 03:26 PM

OK which one of you is this?
How to Live Well Without a Job and (Almost) No Money

Dolly and "Daddy" have lived outside of Philadelphia in their own house on a half-acre lot for almost five years. They produce their own food and drink and spend about $700 each per year.

"...We pay property taxes, because we have to (they really will sell taxes. When the man came around about the "Occupant headtax," we simply told him we didn't live here--we're just here fixing up the place as a rental. He never came back. About two years ago we got a form in the mail about an "occupation tax," but since we don't have an occupation, we figured it didn't concern us..."

"...We gave it [their goat] to a black neighbor. Next day he was back complaining the goat was prejudiced--it had knocked his boy down. Daddy assured him it knocked down white boys, too, and then he was satisfied with it again"

Ranger 10-09-06 03:50 PM

Kind of long but interesting. Will try read it later.

Since the article is from 1978, are the budget numbers adjusted to today's dollar value?

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