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mllefoo 08-19-06 10:01 PM

There was a massacre in San Francisco today. This is the disturbing video footage of the carnage.


More information: >here<

Bandoman 08-19-06 10:07 PM

I wish they would do that here. For real, though.

crazyronin 08-19-06 10:12 PM

They used to do this in Richmond in the 80's-90's.

They need more gore effects.

Mrs. Danger 08-19-06 10:39 PM

Poly-grip and red food coloring makes great "ripped flesh"

MasterofDVD 08-19-06 10:41 PM

Those folks rank just above LARP participants and Cosplayers and a few steps above Furries.

KillerQ 08-19-06 10:42 PM

Hey all,

Being a Special Effects Makeup Artist; this makeup hurts me inside :(



mllefoo 08-19-06 10:50 PM

I think it would be fun.

mndtrp 08-20-06 04:25 AM

I didn't know zombies smiled. Some should have been more in character.

NotThatGuy 08-20-06 05:02 AM

Furries>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everything else


M2theAX 08-20-06 09:17 AM

"you guys suck!" and the model in the window


any more of these?

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