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Buttmunker 08-14-06 03:11 PM

Anybody taking the prescription drug SYNTHROID?
I've started taking this now for an inactive thyroid, and I'm hoping it will help me to lose weight.

Is there anybody else taking this, and can you tell of your experiences with this prescription drug?

majorjoe23 08-14-06 03:15 PM

I think my mom is on it. She has an underactive thyroid. She said the changes after switching to the drug were like night and day. I'm not sure it helped with weight loss.

Bushdog 08-14-06 03:39 PM

Once your metabolism normalizes it'll most likely help you lose weight (increased metabolism --> burn more calories).

Of course, I'd guess your appetite might pick up, too. Watch that you don't start eating more.

Nick Danger 08-14-06 07:23 PM

Synthroid gave me an upset stomach, so I use Levoxyl. Actually, now I use the generic version. Same active ingredient, different fillers.

I did not lose weight. My sex drive did not increase. My energy levels showed only slight improvement, moving from lethargic to tired. It caused loose bowels. It didn't seem to help my depression, but it's better now than it was several years ago before I started taking it.

I soon stopped noticing any energy boost. The loose bowels persisted for over a year. It's still rare that I push out a single log.

Right now, my doctor is increasing my dosage. I have more energy than I did before, which may be due to the drug, or due to the fact that I started exercising about a month before she increased my dose.

Pressplay 08-14-06 07:46 PM

I've been using it for a few years and while I did lose some weight, I think it's because I started to have more energy to exercise. It also helped to stop a bunch of problems like loss of hair, brittle nails and dry skin.

The Cow 08-14-06 07:49 PM

I've been taking it for about a year. 75 micro-grams/day.

Definitely helped me with energy. I don't think I have any change in appetite either way.

Sonicflood 08-14-06 08:50 PM

The loose bowels persisted for over a year. It's still rare that I push out a single log.- Nick Danger

My new signature is here! :)

PJAceto 08-15-06 05:59 AM

I've been taking generic Synthroid (Levoxyl) for many years. NEVER, NEVER use these medications to lose weight! The endocrine system that adjusts your thryoid output is a very complex, two-stage feedback system. It takes many months to get it to stabilize. If you monkey with it, you WILL get very sick. Just get off you ass and exercise (and stop eating so much shit).

mndtrp 08-15-06 06:42 AM

I don't use it, but it's one of the cooler names I've heard.

Nick Danger 08-15-06 12:47 PM

Originally Posted by Sonicflood
My new signature is here! :)

I've never said this before, but I'd rather you didn't. Feel free to mock my character flaws, but please don't mock my health.

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