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Puppy Socialization

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Puppy Socialization

I took my puppy the other day to play with my friends dog.. I took him yesterday and today to the dog park and I've decided that he is a big chicken.

He either sits in the shade (and thus doesn't even run around and burn off some energy if nothing else) or runs away from the other dogs with his tail tucked in between his legs if they even look at him.

Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to make him a little more playful?
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just keep taking him to the park. He'll eventually get used to it. And don't coddle him if he runs to you, just encourage him when he is playing
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I think it may have some phobias. Did you ever punch it or slap it with a belt or kick it? Maybe get a guinea pig to play with it. Or maybe its just anti-social with its own kind.

Good Luck
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Don't force him to accept other dogs. Just praise him when he greets dogs or allows others to greet him without growling.

My dog is socially inept because he's been attacked by a number of other dogs. I don't take him to parks anymore because he just stands by my feet with his tail down and snarls at other dogs, or he wanders off by himself and sniffs the grass the whole time.

He doesn't tolerate other dogs sniffing his butt.
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I've got a year-old border collie that is that way, kind of. He has sooooo much energy and tears around crazy-like, and is extemely smart...but he isn't accepting of strangers at all. Other dogs he's fine with, but people not so much until he gets to know them a little bit.

If you are really serious, try a book by Patricia McConnell, she's the top animal psychologist there is, and only because we live near her have taken our dog to her - has worked wonders after only 2 hrs.
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^^^^avoid at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^
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Originally Posted by Canadian Bacon

^^^^avoid at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^
Aaaah!!!! You ain't kiddin'! City zoning can be a nightmare!
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