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Suspicious behaviour in my neighbourhood.

Old 07-13-06, 04:48 AM
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Suspicious behaviour in my neighbourhood.

What do you guys think is going on?

Example 1: I share an underground security carpark with others in my building, and a few times now I have seen of of my neighbours in the carpark unloading his 4WD of several storage tubs full of stuff and taking them up to the apartment, and then other times I see him taking the tubs back down and into the car. The tubs are always full of cigarettes and ink cartridges. HP and Canon; can't remember the cigarette brand. It got me thinking maybe this guy owns a small shop and uses his apartment as storage?? But what kind of shop sells cigarettes AND ink cartridges in that amount?? Is this guy stealing them from somewhere? Is he selling it on the black market? I can understand stealing cigarettes, but why ink cartridges???

Example 2: I recently discovered a quicker way of driving from my apartment to the motorway to get to work. I ignore the main roads and follow a small road. Near the end of that road there is the motorway overpass, then it bends around and merges with a main road right next to the motorway on ramp. I hardly see anyone driving in this area. There are houses but at least 100m away, and only a couple of buildings/warehouses that look like they were closed down a long time ago. I began to notice on my days off that the area of road directly under the overpass would see home to 4-6 white vans all selling flowers out the back of them. Funny place to sell flowers since there's no one there. If more people knew about this route to get onto the motorway then they sure as hell would take it instead of blocking up the other routes nearby. If they wanted to sell flowers there are PLENTY of other places in the area where they can get more business. Also, I find it interesting that they are always under the overpass and therefore can't be seen from the sky. I only notice them every other week when I happen to drive by around midday.

Anyone got any theories? Are aliens taking over? Should I hide my money? What movie should I watch tonight?

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Are these people dark skinned or possibly foreign? If so, it's crime, obviously.

Otherwise, there's nothing to worry about.
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Is that a joke??
I live in Australia. It's hard not to bump into someone who's foreign.
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Well, if you live in Australia, they must be criminals if they're native Australians. And if they're foreign, that means they've gotta be criminals too.

I'd stay clear of all this shady business if I was you, just to be safe.
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Shoot first, ask questions later.
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mmmmmmmmmm, how about "Chain smoking graffiti artists". Yeah that's it and they sell flowers. Yeahhhhh, i win.

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Old 07-13-06, 06:43 AM
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easy....crystal meth!! gotta be.

as far as the flowers.

fmian it's now up to you....take them out-
you have 24 Hrs....

good luck-
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Maybe he refills the ink cartridges and sells them on eBay? Maybe he sells smokes internationally as well.
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I'd confront him and say you want a piece of the action.
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Originally Posted by fmian
What movie should I watch tonight?
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I betcha the flower vendors have herbs.
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Originally Posted by Mrs. Danger
I betcha the flower vendors have herbs.
Damn, I've been lookin for some local hookups!!
I should have thought of that before!!
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Originally Posted by Mrs. Danger
I betcha the flower vendors have herbs.
Good point, if the flower vendor has fresh cilantro it can be a gold-mine.

When this cigarette / cartridge guy drives down the road, is he driving on the left side or the right side? If he's driving down the left side it can be a sign of criminal activity.
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Old 07-13-06, 11:35 AM
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Maybe the guy has a discount store that sells lots of crap like the dollar store does.

No idea about the others.
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Old 07-13-06, 12:48 PM
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Why not ask them? If they kill you it's probably some sort of illegal activity but at least you'll know.
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Are they bothering you?
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Next time you see Cigarette/Ink Cartridge Man moving a box of his wares, simply stride over to him, slap the box out of his hands, point at him and say "I'm onto you." Then walk away confidently. Problem solved.
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Call the cops with a tip about a bomb threat. ID the suspicious neighbours.
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I hear that those Cigarette/ink guys can be dangerous, make sure he never sees you seeing him. I would recommend looking the other way until you start noticing those suspicious printing/smoking types starting to hang around, coming and going at all time of the day, and people ringing your doorbell and asking you where they can get thier 'fill' and 'fix'. Otherwise, you would go swim with the cartridges....
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Maybe he's just a lonely chain smoking guy who spends his time printing the entire contents of the web. Buy him some flowers to cheer him up.
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fmian, I don't know if you get the show way down there, but both cigarettes and toner cartridges have been desirable black market items on The Sopranos, so you're probably better off not seeing it again.
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be afraid
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I'm not sure I get example 2. Are you suggesting that illegal activity may be going on in these vans with flower sales as a coverup? If so, stop one day on your way to work and buy some flowers, while out milling about do some snooping - look inside the vans...on the QT of course, or under the guise of looking for fresher flowers.

As far as example 1. I wait for the guy to return home, and follow him as he walks to his apartment hiding behind other cars and pillars and such...oh, did I mention that as you follow him you need to hum the theme to Mission:Impossible?

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I saw them again today. I wasn't ready to stop and take photos since it was 2pm and didn't expect them to be there. There were about 5 vans. All looking the same. 4 on one side of the road, one on the other. I slowed down and tried to get a good look inside the vans but could only see flowers. They had no customers and were talking amongst themselves. I went back on my way back home at about 4pm but they weren't there. I decided to take some photos anyway. That's when something strange happened.

Here is a pick of the overpass one side of the road. As I stopped to get my cellphone out, another car came up behind and stopped infront of me. I didn't want to arouse any suspision, so I just pretended I was writing a text message or something. This 40 something Asian lady gets out of the car and walks across the street and down toward the bushes in a hurry. You can see her in the photo as a black figure before the bushes on the right. The thing is, THERE IS NOTHING THERE!!! Why is she going there? Past the bushes there are concrete blocks and further to the right is a barb wire fence stopping people from getting onto the train tracks. She dissapeared past the blocks. In the bottom right corner of the image is a dead moth that's been in the car for a couple of months since I haven't had time to clean. Coincidence??? You decide.

Here is another angle from the other side of the street. As you can see there is nothing there. There is no reason for people to walk around here, and the only people who would drive here are people on there way to work, but not many people are aware of this route.
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