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Other than resting, how can I get my voice back?

Old 06-30-06, 07:37 PM
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Other than resting, how can I get my voice back?

So I went to the Red Sox game last night and totally lost my voice from screaming. I know that resting my voice and time will make it come back to normal in a day or two but I'm wondering if there's anything I can do in the interim. I was wondering if drinking orange juice or other citrus drinks would help (it seems to help when I have a sore throat). Any other home remedies?

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gargle with some gentleman's relish. it'll make you sing like Rod Stewart.
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Get your throat massaged....from the inside.
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try breathing, not singing, while in a hot shower. the steam should help. citrus may irritate it. definitely massage from inside.
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NO citrus. Gargle with salted water then have a few tablespoons of liquid glycerin (they sell it at the drugstore) or honey. And as previously suggested, steam should help, too.
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Seman is the only cure. You need to swollow seman. Lots and lots of seman. Get busy!
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Get some chewable cherry flavored zinc supplements from Walgreens. Don't chew them, let them melt in your mouth (the last half isn't as cherryriffic). They're great for sore throats and coughs.
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Originally Posted by Pressplay
NO citrus. Gargle with salted water then have a few tablespoons of liquid glycerin (they sell it at the drugstore) or honey. And as previously suggested, steam should help, too.
Yes, moisture is the key. But there's no magical quick fix. Rest and moisture will take care of everything.
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As you might guess, losing your voice is a common and serious business in acting, and very frequent when a part calls for you to shout and scream alot and you're not used to protecting your voice while doing it. (Which basically means letting the "tone" flow freely like singing, minimizing both breathiness and throat constriction....)

Recapping and extending: Vocal rest is #1, steam is good, and I'd add for you to increase your water uptake. Hot tea with lemon and honey is the home remedy you'll hear most, and may help... but the citrus, as you've heard, can have the wrong effect, otherwise any warm drinks are great as are most slimey things like honey and glycerine. Slipper elm is a natural lozenge that tastes like shit but will coat well. Keep the saliva production up--lots of hard candies or gum or Ricolas or any non-menthol cough drops...
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If it truely loves you, it'll come back on it's own.
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I'm a singer. When I have an irritated throat I take a spoonful of honey and lemon juice.

Also, you have to rest your voice. Don't talk above a whisper if you can help it, until you are completely better.
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