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Originally Posted by Shoveler
Whatever type of feedback you leave, wait until the last possible minute to leave any feedback to avoide retaliation.
That won't work. The time that an auction stays in eBay's system varies greatly. Sometimes it's 3 months and sometimes it's over 4 months. It's impossible to know what the last minute is.
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90 days I thought.....

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Originally Posted by kilcher

I'm surprised eBay hasn't cracked down on sellers selling (for example) 99 cent iPods with $200 shipping. As far as I know eBay's percentage of the final sales price does not include shipping.
Correct. Which is why all these cheapasses charge ridiculous amounts for shipping.
From the bottom of each auction, you can click on 'Report This Item' and submit a 'Fee Avoidance/Excessive Shipping and Handling' report. I do this quite often on auctions where shipping is ridiculous, and if I do it early enough, many times the auction will be cancelled.
15.00 shipping isn't entirely unreasonable--for an electronic device, via UPS. Which is what the buyer paid for. It is ridiculous for a parcel post shipment, when that's not what was advertised.

Of course, I don't buy the 'I gotta cover my bubble wrap, and tape, and gas, and lunch on the way to the post office, and cost of the check I use to pay for postage, and oxygen I breathe on the way, and ink for the label' "handling" BS. Roll that into your price. The only reason to charge some of these amounts [10 bucks to ship a DVD] is to cheat ebay out of their fees. And with a little planning and forethought, shipping can be very simple--buy some bubble wrap, get some priority mail boxes [free], buy some tape, ship everything priority, print from the USPS website, get free DC, have the mailman pick it up from your porch. Of course, then the 'handling' fee will go to subsidize the internet connection....For most 'small' items, I charge a flat 5 or 6 bucks Priority shipping and it takes a whopping five minutes from purchase acknowledgement to ready for the mailman.
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when I check out auctions, I look at the shipping price first and subtract that from the amount I am willing to pay. The answer is the amount I am going to bid. If there is no shipping price listed, I will not bid.

I guess I'm in the minority, but I say be positive. You got an item that you wanted for the price that you were willing to pay.

While I do think that .99 cent items with $200 shipping is clearly against policy, I don't think that $15 is bad enough to be reported.
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I think all the posters who are saying that he knew the shipping charge was $15 are missing the point. The OP paid $15 for UPS shipping - not parcel post. To some people, it might not matter. To me, it matters a lot. The front desk at my building is awful with packages - sometimes they take 2-3 days to put a notice in my mailbox. I get everything delivered via UPS or Fed Ex so I know exactly when it arrives. If I paid extra for UPS shipping and didn't receive it, well then I paid for something I never got and deserve that money back. I say give the seller the chance to refund some of the money (it could have been an honest mistake after all) but neg him if he doesn't.
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I wouldn't give negative or neutral feedback unless you don't mind a negative for yourself. You know it will be for revenge if you give him anything other than positive.

Of course if he left feedback already, neg him since he can't do anything about it.
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This is a clear cut issue as far as I'm concerned. If he listed that price for UPS shipping and you didn't get it, then you should complain to him demanding a partial shipping refund (in a nice way, remember that). If the guy refuses, then threaten with the appropriate feedback. This is a lot easier to do if they've already left positive feedback for you, that way you wont have to worry about getting a neutral or negative in retaliation.

If he refuses to give in to you, as he should do if he's an honest stand up eBayer, then go straight to eBay (and PayPal if you paid using that method) and take it up with them.
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As expected, he hasn't responded to any of my e-mail's.
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this happened to me i paid over 10 postage for something that only cost 5 to post , i left neg feed back telling everyone what they had done , im stilll getting emails now asking me to remove feed back for exchange for the money but no its staying lol
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why don't you just tell paypal that you didn't recieve the package. they WILL refund your money.

THEN, you can make another payment to this guy minus the shipping
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Originally Posted by AndyCleveland
why don't you just tell paypal that you didn't recieve the package. they WILL refund your money.

THEN, you can make another payment to this guy minus the shipping
no they won't
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I don't know how I missed this thread back in June.

I've purchased some cell phone stuff on ebay, cases and stuff, and they were like 99 cents, but the shipping was like $6 and it came in a small manila mailer.

But since they're still cheaper than going straight to the store for them, it's ok with me.
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I'um a little bit country.
And ye'r a little bit rock and roll.

Yea, man. Stated in the auction.

I fucking HATE selling consumer-level stuff for this exact reason. People ALWAYS had to bitch about something. Someone gets a $500 item for $150, and find reason enough to complain about the seller making another $12 on the shipping.

A lot of people who shop on eBay really should only be buying from Amazon. Many people like that will NEVER be happy in dealing with small businesses in general.

That all being said, the most I like to overcharge is maybe $4 or $5 on little items. Otherwise, I ship Fed Ex, and nobody has any idea what I pay anyways.

And eBay HAS cracked down on overcharging for shipping. But not on such insignificant cases like yours. They're sticking to people who charge $1, plus $20+ shipping on stuff that costs $3 to ship. If I'm not mistaken, they're keeping everything proportional (including closing cost, actual shipping costS, and frequent offenders).
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The problem isn't the cost, guys. The problem is that he said he'd ship it a different way for that cost. He has no problem with the $15 for shipping, just that he expected it UPS (as stated) not USPS Parcel Post, UPS is a lot quicker.

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