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Giantrobo 04-20-12 10:49 PM

Re: Happy 4-20!
Fuck "Happy 4-20".

Happy 4-19 Bitches!!!! (My Birthday)

The Bus 04-20-12 11:03 PM

Re: Happy 4-20!
Iggy Pop's birthday eve

NORML54601 04-20-12 11:31 PM

Re: Happy 4-20!
<--- Almost just gagged on a monster hookah hit. Though if I die I have a list of websites with login info for someone to inform y'all and others.

Also: Funkin' newbs :mad:

Jack Straw 04-21-12 01:10 AM

Re: Happy 4-20!

Originally Posted by TomOpus (Post 11198561)

Exactly! With hair follicle testing that goes back 90 days, doesn't that give anyone cause for pause before taking that deep toke and yes inhaling!?

Mrs. Danger 04-21-12 11:22 AM

Re: Happy 4-20!
Anyone who wants to test my hair follicles can look for another employee.

If I was stoned last month, it doesn't mean I'll be stoned at work.

My Other Self 04-21-12 01:45 PM

Re: Happy 4-20!
Hair follicle drug testing is very expensive. I only knew of he government doing testing that extensive. Maybe police departments, too.

ezln94 04-22-12 02:54 AM

Re: Happy 4-20!

****resizing pictures**** will post in a little bit.

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