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salamander2 03-25-06 03:53 AM

Which Airline is worse, American, Alaska or Northwest?
Well, I have choice of three, in a domestic 3 hour flight. Which is better, worse, etc?

OldDude 03-25-06 06:39 AM

Detroit is a Northwest hub. It is known as "Noneworse" locally.

Lateralus 03-25-06 07:05 AM

I actually prefer American Airlines over most other large carriers, I never had a problem with them. I always choose my seats and United ALWAYS changed me, I even ended up next to the bathroom one time even though I purchased my tickets 4 months in advance. The heck with United, I look for American, Delta or Continental from now on.

silentbob007 03-25-06 07:10 AM

I'd pick American of the three, but I don't know anything about Alaska. I've never had any problems with Northwest personally, but I've always heard it called "Northworst".

rexinnih 03-25-06 08:09 AM

Go with American. Never flown Alaska but I try to avoid Northwest if possible.

The Bus 03-25-06 08:11 AM

In my experience, neither Alaska nor Northwest have ever left me stranded in a Miami airport without assistance.

Th0r S1mpson 03-25-06 09:18 AM

I would take Alaska of those three... then American as a very close 2nd.

phatboy 03-25-06 09:46 AM

I just flew American to Orlando, the seats are kinda cramped....particularly on the smaller jets.....but the one flight I had had a HAWT stewardess.....Northwest has all that crap going on but I think it's finally settled....i'd pick northwest...mainly b/c I've flown them the most and haven't had any problems....well except the one time they landed 20 minutes late in Chicago and I missed my connecting flight and had to wait an extra hour....

Mad Dawg 03-25-06 10:27 AM

Since I fly Continental, I end up flying Northwest (one of their partners) a decent amount to a couple of places. My limited experience with their staff has been pretty good, but I dislike the airline on principle. Flying to Minneapolis, thanks to their virtual monopoly, can be unbelievably expensive. I had one flight recently top $1K...for a coach seat. That was for a 3 hour flight. And even at those prices, you have to pay extra to eat anything, even if it's a crappy box of snacks. Also, the planes that I've been on have always looked a little dingy and run down, even in first class. The only bright spot is that they offer upgrades where available for their partners' Elite members, whereas most airline partners will only give miles.

I've only been on one Alaska flight, and I was pretty impressed. And I was stuck in the back of the plane in a middle seat. The crew was among the friendliest I've seen and the interior of the plane was so clean that it looked like it had just come right off the production line. I also had to take a couple of Horizon flights (Alaska's regional off-shoot) earlier this year, and those were pretty decent as well. They even offered free beer and wine.

I haven't flown American in years, but I liked them when I did.

namja 03-25-06 12:21 PM

It may be that the Alaska and the Northwest may be the same flight since they have a lot of codeshares. So your options may possibly be just Amerian or Alaska/NW.

In my experience, American usually has better planes and service than any other domestic airline.

Sdallnct 03-25-06 03:09 PM

American is fine...but my rule is...

"If it is not Southwest Airlines, it is crap!"

Psi 03-25-06 03:38 PM

Alaska is nothing like the airline it was 5 or even 2 years ago. It often gets the most complaints and has the worst on-time arrival records. I fly it quite often (if you are going to the Northwest there are few choices). Their planes are late, sometimes by many hours unannounced, seat cushions are ripped, cabins dirty.

My limited experience with American has been good. I haven't flown Northwest in a long time so can't comment.

ChiTownAbs, Inc 03-25-06 03:59 PM

Originally Posted by Sdallnct
American is fine...but my rule is...

"If it is not Southwest Airlines, it is crap!"

Southwest is Greyhound in the air.

TexasGuy 03-25-06 04:36 PM

Ask yourself what you can put up with. Personally, I would prefer a less crowded plane for 3 hours and don't mind arriving a few minutes late. In my experience, American is more crowded.

lordwow 03-25-06 05:21 PM

I fly Delta normally, but I would suggest Alaska from what I've heard of them (I've never flown with them). I've had nothing but problems booked on American flights, namely, that I've never flown on one after they've cancelled all the flights I was supposed to take with them.

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