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kvrdave 03-16-06 11:48 PM

Anyone have a Motorola V710? Memory problems, need help.
I have a V710 that uses Transflash cards and the phone recognizes it, tells me how much memory is remaining (all of it), etc. But I can't get things to load onto the memory card. The manual says it needs to be formatted, and I have to assume that it is because I see no option to format it from following the directions in my phone.

Anyone have any ideas?

MasterofDVD 03-17-06 03:49 AM

I just got a phone that takes a Transflash card and from what I have seen about them the phone, no matter what the model, should format the card when it is first inserted into the phone.

I guess there is a little write protection on these things like there used to be on the old 3.5 disks. I haven't gotten mine yet but that has to be one tiny ass button to slide. I'd be afraid of breaking the damn thing.

If I've been no help at all may I suggest going here. That place helped me "hack" on old LG and has saved me a ton of money, time and stress with my week old Samsung SCH-a950.

ShallowHal 03-17-06 07:06 AM

Whisper into it? :lol:

Jeeden 03-17-06 09:17 AM

Go here:


kvrdave 03-17-06 11:30 AM

I will try that forum, thanks much.

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