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DrRingDing 03-14-06 01:56 PM

Johari and Nohari
so, i was wondering if anybody else has a Johari and/or a Nohari window?

i think we should post our results with the promise not to manipulate the windows of people who do post. (not likely, i suppose)

<a href="http://kevan.org/johari">Johari windows</a>

<a href="http://kevan.org/nohari">Nohari windows</a>

i don't wanna be first, though! i suppose insecure would fit under my Nohari! :lol:

-di doctor-

NotThatGuy 03-14-06 02:44 PM

I've done a similar assessment like this....very interesting stuff. If you pair this with a formal personality assessment and a few other tests, you can get a psych profile that is scarily accurate. Getting someone who is a narcassist is the most fun because it is so skewed it isn't even funny.


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