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Do you volunteer?

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Do you volunteer?

Big Brothers Big Sisters, planting trees in parks, mentoring youth, leading a Boy Scout troop, whatever. Do you volunteer around the community?
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I've done AWANAs at my church, nursery duty, I babysit for free all the time, helped coach my son's soccer team....lots of fun things. However, currently, I am not doing anything, we took the winter months off. I'll start back up in the spring with soccer or some other sport.
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Hell no. Community service can kiss my butt.
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Originally Posted by kvrdave
Hell no. Community service can kiss my butt.
And he has been nominated for Community Service award.
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My wife and I did Habitat for Humanity for awhile but, to tell you the truth, it was frustrating trying to volunteer.

You had to schedule which day you were going to volunteer several weeks in advance. If you called on a Monday and said, "I'll be happy to come out this Saturday", the answer was always no. Also, they start very early in the morning and will not allow anyone to work a half-day. 7-8am start times are just too onerous for a couple of people who work well into the eveing the night before.

I am a longtime member of the Isaak Walkton League so I have done some stream and river clean-ups with them as well, but not regularly. The chapter we belong to is an hour's drive away
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I offer free breast exams down at the local college.
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I volunteered on [achia URL=http://www.asphome.org/]A.S.P.[/URL] (AppalService Project) 6 times back in high school and college. I have also helped work on homes in Indian Reservation in Okalhoma and South Dakota. Those were some laid back organizations. Now, this tax season I volunteered to help low-income families with tax returns and it's a pain to schedule a time. They wanted to know back on January 3 when I what day I wanted to volunteer. My schedule constantly changes, so I think my volunteering on taxes is gonna fall through.

I believe everyone should give back to their community.
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Originally Posted by AudioWizard
I offer free breast exams down at the local college.
Yes he does.
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I spend a couple weeks a year volunteering with Junior Achievement. This year I have a kindergarten and a first grade class.
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Not unless the court makes me.
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No, I would like too, but too busy. I'm usually gone from home 13 hours a day, six days a week (working), so that doesn't leave me time to volunteer. And Sunday is my personal day, helping others be damned.
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Actually, I do a lot of work with unwed mothers. Mainly just helping them get their start.

That's for Groucho.
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Yep . . . counselor for the church youth group and do Habitat For Humanity a few times a year. Plus occasional other things here and there.

If you're interested, I actually started a similar thread a ways back -----> here. You might find some more good responses in there, too.
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Not since I got out of the military, where I learned that you never ever volunteer for anything.
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I've rode along with the volunteer rescue squad and talked with a woman with dementia that thought I was her son and played along. Does that count?
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volunteer firefighter 13yrs & still going
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I volonteer for a few events every years: hostess duty at the annual charity auction for the Special Olympics, the AIDS Walk, etc. I'd like to do more, but my schedule doesn't always fit the needs of the groups I'm trying to give my time to.

Wait, does giving blood count? Because I do that too.
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I donate free mustache rides.
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I used to be a volunteer at my local hospital, but most of what I do now is connected with my church.
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Originally Posted by AudioWizard
I offer free breast exams down at the local college.
Do you ever do home visits?
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I taught adult literacy for a year, but found it to be very frustrating. My main student was near retirement age, had the reading skills of a 1st grader and expected our 3 hours a week of sessions to magically 'cure' him, without having to commit any of his time outside of class. At some point, I'm sure I'll volunteer for something else, but at my current job, I have pretty travel-heavy periods and weeks where all of a sudden I'm working 60 or 70 hours, so it's tough to make any kind of real commitment to outside activities.
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A career in the Navy taught me one thing:


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I volunteered for the NBA all-star game.

I am going to volunteer for trailwork on local mountain bike trails that I use. (been saying that for a while now )
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Used to go and help serve dinner at the bread of life shelter downtown. Haven't been in over a yr and have been wanting to start again.

Currently I help out at church setting up for the weekly youth event. I also do some graphics work for them from time to time.
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I pass out food to homeless people for the Salvation Army.
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