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Buying a new car: Best time of year?

Old 02-04-06, 11:58 AM
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Buying a new car: Best time of year?

My car's lease is up in october. I'll be taking my wife's car and we'll be getting her a new minivan, the Toyota Sienna.

We'd like to possibly get it in June/July (we'd like it for the summer because going up to the cabin with 2 kids in a sedan is, well lets just say, not good), but I was just curious if anyone on here knows what is usually the best time of year to purchase a car? Is there a specific month that is better than most? is it always end of year or the start of the year?

Any help would be great, thank you.

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Old 02-04-06, 12:08 PM
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Probably towards the end of the calender year since they will be looking to move the remaining inventory from the previous model year so you can get a better deal.
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Old 02-04-06, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Cardiff Giant
Probably towards the end of the calender year since they will be looking to move the remaining inventory from the previous model year so you can get a better deal.
That's the right thinking, but the model years starts in the early fall, so summer is when dealers try to clear out inventory. If you aren't picky about color and options, early fall will have the best price on prior model years.
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The beginning of summer is pretty hot for car sales, but usually the end of any month is good. The first few months might be better because people are recovering from the holidays, so I'd say now is a good time.
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Research on edmunds what the best price would be for the model you want and start shopping now. You may get it early, you may get it a little closer to your deadline, the bottom line is that if you let enough daelers know that you are ready to buy at X price, one of them will eventually find themselves short a sale one month and call you.

Check the local newspaper ads and try to buy the car in the ad, they are always lost leaders.

In general the end of the model year is the best time to buy. The new models start production in July and hit the dealers lots 2-3 months later. Buying in October has been good for me in general to buy what is considered at that time to be the perevious model year (but still really current actual year).

Here is the trick, STICK TO YOUR PRICE Don't be sold into making a snap decision, don't be in a position where you have emotions about a car or a deal or you HAVE to buy a car in a week. That is when you get fucked.

You should be able to buy a Sienna at invoice price posted on edmuds.com Toyota is agressively trying to go after the #1 sales position this year, so if they see themselves being a little shy of that goal they will blow cars out at the end of the year to make it.
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Dealers have to make the loan payments on all those cars on the lot at the beginning of the month. So they're more desperate to get some cash at the end of the previous month.

Go when the weather is awful. No one looks at cars on a rainy day. Dealers are more willing to work with you so they can make their numbers. Are you willing to get a little cold and wet to save thousand bucks?

Remember to keep an eye on the closers. They can make the money back from add-ons (carpets, rustproofing) or clever financing.
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Awesome feedback. Thank you very much.

Might work out perfectly, financially, since my car is due in october. We'd like to get it earlier, but i'll just have to keep my eye out.

Thanks for the edmunds referal.

I have a lot to learn .
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I'd wait until October or November and get an '07. In the meantime, once the lease is up, keep making payments but to yourself to help with the downpayment.
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Actually the end of the year is the worst time of year to get a car if your leasing. and assuming there are no incentives or rebates. Which there never is on Toyota or Honda. You want to get a car in the beginning of the year because the residual will be alot higher then at the end of the year.
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