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Possibly up for a promotion. HELP!

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Possibly up for a promotion. HELP!

Ok, I've been working for this company for about two years and it seems like i have an opprotunity to move up a manager/owner positon. The company just had two managers/owners close up shops because lease problems and retirement, so i believe that the company is looking to either open up another store or to get a new manager/owner on board. I talked with my manager and implied that i was interested in getting one of these positions. He seemed interested or at the very least ok with the idea and told me that he would talk to the head guys about it.

Anyways, basically what do i do know? I don't really know the higher-ups all that well so its not like i can contact them all that easily. So, do i just wait for my manager to get back to me? If so, is there anything i should do in the meantime, like make up a business model, get info on the potential sites i'd be working, etc..? This would be my first time as a manager/owner, is there anything i need to know or be aware of? I've been a asst. manager for about 6 months now but i've never had to handle all the business aspects and personnal aspects like this. So any advice would be appreciated. I should find out in the next month if i got the job and where i would be going, most likely i would have to move too, but finally getting on salary and basically getting double what i was being paid Woo HOO!!!
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Don't go over your manager's head, especially if you already talked to him about it. If you trust him to do what he said he would, just wait for it. In the meantime, I think doing basically what you said is the best option: show them you are ready and able to take a higher position. Without knowing what exactly you do it is hard to give more specific advice, but if it involves proving you are management/owner material, then go ahead and get ready for any questions they might have for you in a potential meeting.
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You need to keep bringing this conversation up with your manager in order to keep it his priority. Unfortunately many people make the mistake of thinking they are a priority in their manager's eyes so if they tell them something once they think it gets done. Just keep being persistent and be creative in how you bring it up. Last year I reminded and talked about getting promoted with my direct boss monthly and that certainly helped in making it happen.

As for how to prepare, think very hard on the questions you think they will ask you and the appropriate answers. Also figure out what they will care about when you get this job and how you will succeed.

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