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naughty jonny 12-27-05 03:50 AM

Australia's most famous gambler dies
Not sure if this should be in Other, World Events, or the Poker & Gambling forums, but I guess given it's Poker players that would have heard of him, this is probably the best place.

Kerry Packer, Australia's richest man and gambling fan, died today at 68. Of Australia's gamblers he certainly was the best known (once known for playing blackjack with a $200,000 stake per hand - he was playing 6 hands at a time). The dealer's tip was reported to be a house. He's said to have won $26 million in one night, as well as losing $34 million in a session.

Gambling aside, he's often given houses away to his employees and supposedly was very generous with people he knew.

If there were two flies crawling up the wall, he probably would have even taken a punt on that.

Whether it's true or not (but a story he's never denied), there is this one:

It involves a Texan who approached Kerry Packer at the tables in Vegas and started making a nuisance of himself. When asked to give it a rest, the Texan supposedly replied with the old, "Do you know who I am", to which Kerry's reply was, "No".

"I happen to be worth $100 million," said the Texan.

Kerry Packer pulled out a coin and said, "Toss you for it." Supposedly (assuming it's true) the Texas guy just walked away.

Anyway - I imagine a lot of you have never heard of him, but there is a chance that a few of you might have, so I thought I would post it.

kvrdave 12-27-05 12:33 PM

:lol: The story about the Texas guy is fantastic.

NatrlBornThrllr 12-28-05 08:03 PM


Originally Posted by kvrdave
:lol: The story about the Texas guy is fantastic.



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