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shadowhawk2020 11-09-05 08:43 PM

I'm going to be a daddy!
My wife and I found out this last weekend that she is pregnant. We have been trying for the last year and this is a prayer come true. She is due around the end of June and I couldn't be happier. :)


Edited to say My wife had a miscarrage, we are pretty dissapointed after trying for so long. I think my wife is taking it real hard which I completly understand.

Premise 11-09-05 08:50 PM


DrRingDing 11-09-05 08:51 PM

congratulations, dude! i'm happy :hump: it worked out for you! ;)

DrRingDing 11-09-05 08:52 PM

oh, i should probably add the inevitable :banana: while i'm at it...

TomOpus 11-09-05 08:53 PM

Originally Posted by shadowhawk2020
My wife and I found out this last weekend that h=she is pregnant.

I hope this is a typo unless there's something else you wanna talk about :D

Congrats... and prepare for your life to be forever changed and enriched :up:

EdTheRipper 11-09-05 08:54 PM

Congrats...having a child is a beautiful thing!

AEspinoza1 11-09-05 08:55 PM

Congrats! It's truly a life-changing event and one that I have cherished since my son was born in May 2004.

talemyn 11-09-05 09:07 PM

Congratulations, sh! :up: x 2

nazz 11-09-05 09:44 PM


FiveO 11-09-05 09:58 PM


Seeker 11-09-05 10:07 PM

My best wishes and congratulations to you....

It's a wonderful thing to have a child. May you always understand the blessing you have been given.

dancinns 11-09-05 11:56 PM


AudioWizard 11-10-05 12:00 AM

Don't worry, it's not to late...I know a guy who will get you some papers. We can have you in Mexico by Saturday.

Fincher Fan 11-10-05 12:26 AM

Just remember, cutting it's leg off with an axe won't stop the crying.

Cameron 11-10-05 12:49 AM


kvrdave 11-10-05 12:53 AM

Trying for a year??? I seem to impregnate my wife even while on the pill.

Here is a tip. Make sure you make your wishes known about being in the delivery room. My wife wanted me in, and I wanted to part of it. I finally agreed. While I thought I would be in the cheering section, the nurses obviously thought that I was part of the hired help...."grab this leg and pull it back....take a look at this....watch out for blood....."

:yack: For the next one I sat in the room next door and watched The Masters. It's gross. It isn't beautiful, so don't fall for that crap. We should still be like the 1950s where the husband was barely allowed in the hospital.

Cameron 11-10-05 12:58 AM

agreed ^ its nasty...i didn't plan on being in the room, as I am not a doctor. I got cornered in, and the only way out was through a barage of placenta and blood. My kid was bloody...but cute once they got her cleaned up...

Lemdog 11-10-05 12:58 AM


Fincher Fan 11-10-05 01:00 AM

Originally Posted by kvrdave
Trying for a year??? I seem to impregnate my wife even while on the pill.

That's because your wife is supposed to take the pill. -ohbfrank-

Rockmjd23 11-10-05 01:43 AM

Congrats. Call the Maury show immediately :)

Giantrobo 11-10-05 02:27 AM

Congrats! :up:

Phoenixignition 11-10-05 02:31 AM

Congratulations on having your first shitting, screaming alien.

LivingINClip 11-11-05 06:19 AM

We are having our two girls via c-section Dec 20th.

lordwow 11-11-05 06:28 AM


BigDave 11-11-05 06:56 AM


Do we get a chance at naming them? :D

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