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Buttmunker 11-09-05 10:21 AM

Can't find an old thread - cats hanging off branches
Does this forum, if the thread is very old, archive in order to prevent the website from being "slow?"

If so, how would I find an older thread that had pictures of cats hanging from branches with and without the caption: Hang in there?

Minor Threat 11-09-05 10:27 AM

<a href="http://images.google.com/images?q=hang+in+there+cat&hl=en" target="_blank">CATS HANGING</a>

Minor Threat 11-09-05 10:28 AM

<a href="http://images.google.com/images?svnum=10&hl=en&lr=&q=hang+in+there&btnG=Search" target="_blank">MORE</a>

j123vt_99 11-09-05 10:49 AM

reading the subject, i thought this thread was going to very very wrong

Th0r S1mpson 11-09-05 11:05 AM

<img src="http://barbbill.250free.com/Dbrat/HangInThere.gif">

Buttmunker 11-09-05 11:09 AM

Thanks, Minor Threat, but I did that already. I figured I would just go back to the old thread that had all the best of the best of the best.

Save Ferris 11-09-05 11:14 AM


Th0r S1mpson 11-09-05 11:16 AM

That... is nasty, my friend.

Don't get me wrong, I'd still eat it.

talemyn 11-09-05 11:16 AM


Lemdog 11-09-05 11:17 AM

What the hell is that?

Save Ferris 11-09-05 11:20 AM

We used to have those all over the house every spring.

emanon 11-09-05 11:22 AM

Originally Posted by Save Ferris
We used to have those all over the house every spring.

What planet did you grow up on?

andicus 11-09-05 11:26 AM

Originally Posted by Lemdog
What the hell is that?

Yeah... What the hell is that?

j123vt_99 11-09-05 11:27 AM

i don't know, but i got queasy looking at it

Save Ferris 11-09-05 11:28 AM

Dont worry its not human. And they come in peace.

talemyn 11-09-05 11:56 AM

It looks like a jacked up rooster . . .

Th0r S1mpson 11-09-05 11:58 AM

Originally Posted by talemyn
It looks like a jacked up rooster . . .

That's what I was thinking too.

After considering this matter, I now think Save Ferris should remove that picture, delete it completely from the internets, wash his hands with bleach, and fast for 3 days while burning incense to attone for his participation in this thread.

Save Ferris 11-09-05 12:09 PM

Well *I* think its kind of cute! Looks a little like a "Snork"

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