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Flipper 10-05-05 10:23 AM

Plea to graphic artists: critique this logo
This logo for a proposed hearing center at the University of Colorado Hospital has been submitted for approval:


I think it's okay, and by far better than the other submissions. The text is right over the "sound waves" icon, which could lead to printing problems. The woman the center is named for likes purple, but one of the doctors on the board says purple is too feminine, so the use of purple & blue is probably an attempt at compromise. The originality of the logo is also in question; have you seen anything like it? I Googled "logo arcs" and found the logos below.

Thanks for your help!


X 10-05-05 10:25 AM

I'm no graphic artist but I think you need more swirls if you want them to look like sound waves. I didn't get the impression that's what they were at all.

BuddhaWake 10-05-05 10:25 AM

I like it a little but the "sound wave" could look like a disc (cd/dvd). The light purple with blue works well and I think it would be fine. or maybe some gray.

Groucho 10-05-05 10:31 AM


Heat 10-05-05 10:37 AM

Keeping in mind that Iím not in the graphic artís fieldÖ

I like the logoÖ for an ob/gynís office. Way too feminine in my opinion for something geared towards both men and women.

Consider changing the arcs to more of a sound wave, something like:


TheAllPurposeNothing 10-05-05 10:43 AM

The logo reminds me of a CD instead of a sound wave. I would go with Heat's suggestion.

I also have a problem with the layout of the text. For a professional center, I would make it all text uniform in terms of size. Right now, it makes Marion Downs look like a trademark instead of a donor/honoree. Like something I would thrown on an appliance.

Flipper 10-05-05 10:49 AM

rotfl Groucho, I'm honored! That's definitely going to get passed around.

Yes, X & BuddhaWake, the sound waves are weak. Probably on purpose to avoid ostracizing the culturally deaf community. I did the editing and graphics for their fundraising video, and I was told to avoid the use of sound waves as graphic elements for that reason. Any feedback from deaf otters would be greatly appreciated!

I hadn't considered that sine waves are far more "sound wavish." Maybe that's why the water ripply ones haven't jumped out at me. Thanks, Heat.

TheAllPurposeNothing: It does make Marion look like Whirlpool. -smile-

La Bella Rose 10-05-05 10:50 AM

All I see is an red X.......:(

Breakfast with Girls 10-05-05 11:02 AM

Arc logos (swoosh, curve, etc.) are <b>the</b> most overused design element in logos. They're in something like 60% of all logos. But if they stick with the swirls for whatever reason, they at least need three of them.

Beyond that, I agree that it's too feminine. TheAllPurposeNothing's comment is a good point, too (although I don't think the font size needs to be <i>completely</i> uniform).

I think Heat's sound wave suggests a heart monitor, instead of something hearing-related.

The Edit King 10-05-05 11:22 AM

What about a logo made of a series of sound waves in the shape of an ear?

The pic below is obviously not in the shape of an ear, but if you get my point (Artistically animated) it could be.


Here's a fine sound wave pic:


...and here's a simple artistic expression of sound waves:


Hope this helps in your creative process! :up:

THEEK! :eek:

HN 10-05-05 11:44 AM


Darknite39 10-05-05 11:58 AM


EDIT: Damnit!

devilshalo 10-05-05 11:58 AM

I think the logo is fine.. just look to change the color scheme. The waves people bitch about actually looks like an ear to me, which suits the 'hearing center'.

Flipper 10-05-05 12:23 PM

Yes, devilshalo, the waves could be an ear. That may have been considered in the design, but I think it was probably just a coincidence. As BreakfastWithGirls points out, arcs are used a lot in logos - and ears are used a lot in hearing-related logos - so maybe this is just the inevitable result of design-by-committee.

Thanks, THEEK, for the cool sound wave images. That water-ripple look is what they're after. And thanks to HN & Darknite39 for the fine efforts! I especially like how the menacing edge was taken off with the feminine purple tint. -smile- Marion will appreciate that.

I think La Bella Rose had the best suggestion: a big red X. -wink-

mmconhea 10-05-05 12:43 PM

way too common. Looks like it was created in LogoCreator, which graphics artics can easily pick up on. be more creative and think of it's placement and uses.

mmconhea 10-05-05 12:53 PM

also, if this center is in any way medical or therapy related you are better off going with a less corporate logo and something less cold.

Brain Stew 10-05-05 01:12 PM

Honestly, I think Groucho's is one of the best. If you got a graphic artist to do a vector rendering Illustrator sans the background and maybe the walker, it would look better.

Th0r S1mpson 10-05-05 01:42 PM

I tried to use the colors they both like and some other ones to balance it out cause like purple and blue need some complementy and secondy colors with them and I like the curves so I added some of those two cuz I knew they would LOVE that and I think it has a pretty clear msg with an ear and stuff and would look SWEET on a business card so if you want to use this just let me know cuz I don't charge a lot for sweet stuff like this and i pushed some extra buttons for free cause i like to learn more.

<img src="http://www.imageadventures.com/other/hearingCenter.gif">

NCMojo 10-05-05 03:52 PM


Is that a young Pat Sajak? -eek-

Kittydreamer 10-05-05 03:57 PM

My feet are cold. Your logo is very cool. I like it.

fnordboy 10-05-05 04:54 PM


The Edit King 10-05-05 05:01 PM


(Continued Thanks for that great smile, fnordboy! :up: )

Originally Posted by NCMojo
Is that a young Pat Sajak? -eek-

Sure is!

...and that's the original "Wheel" that magically created Vanna White! :up:

TEK http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2.../king_hulk.gif

Flipper 10-05-05 05:17 PM

You guys are brutal! :lol: fnordboy, that is simply awesome. Thor pushed those extra buttons, though, which I think the committee will appreciate. Thanks for everyone's input.


Th0r S1mpson 10-05-05 05:18 PM

Ah, a fellow 3D artist. :up:

Nice work.

NotThatGuy 10-05-05 05:39 PM

The design is safe, if a bit boring. The arch comment is true (about being over used) Blues/Aqua/etc are very common for a hospital. Hospitals and healthcare in general tend to be very conservative (boring), so I wasn't expecting to see a plethora of color. If it was a children's center/hospital, you could get away with a bit more.

As logos go...I think it is decent....even though the "I can't hear shit" one has a better ring to it......no pun intended. ;)

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