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former caffeine junky needs some help

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former caffeine junky needs some help

For the past, oh 4-5 years (maybe longer, not really sure) I was dependent on caffeine. Sometimes it was really bad (maybe a 6 - 12 diet cokes a day), sometimes I controlled it.

About 2 weeks ago I give it up through a somewhat gradual method. I lowered my intake to about 2-4 a day, then went cold turkey. Withdrawal was a bastard, but I pulled through it.

After a week of being off it, the temptations for it went away. However I've hit a rut: lack of energy. Basically I've found that I have to turn to calories and sugar for any energy at all -- which isn't good for my weightloss (which seemed a helluva lot easier when I was guzzling Diet Coke).

I've tried Ginseng, Gingko, Eluethero, etc. None of it gives me the kick I need. Water is about the only thing that comes close. But when I go home at night and need to get some sidework done, I'd rather turn to sweets to motivate me (before I'd just drink a couple diet coke) and get me energy.

I gues I'm not sure where I should go with this. I even tried some Green Tea tonight (the cold bottled stuff) which I know has caffeine but even that didn't really get me going.

I'm not even sure if there's anything I can do other that keep hitting the water, avoiding the sweets, taking Chinese herbs, and staying away from caffeine, but I just want to know if there's anyone out there in a similar position and if they have any tips?

PS I don't regret quitting caffeine at all, in some ways and sometimes I feel totally liberated, it's only when I have to come home and do some pesky sidejob work that I fall into a calorie rut
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Old 05-03-05, 12:11 AM
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That's strange, I was the opposite after kicking caffeine. I was addicted badly for a long time, drinking pots of coffee a day, and getting headaches after too many hours without any.

I finally got sick of it and quit, had bad headaches for a few days, but a week or so later I started to feel like I had so much more energy.

But I never had sugar really, so I wonder if that is part of your addiction? Like I said, after I got over the caffeine withdrawals, I had way more energy than I ever got from drinking the stuff. Maybe ride it out a bit longer.

Unfortunately, lately I've been downing the iced Americanos again after several years on the wagon. Stupid comfy coffee shop right next to school.
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I drank at least as many as you did. First, try switching to caffeine free diet coke and see if that doesn't pick you up....it doesn't me.

Then, there is nothing wrong with 2 a day before 5 pm.
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If I had trouble going to sleep, I would usually stop drinking caffeine right around mid-afternoon. At night if I have a Coke it has Jack Daniel's in it so those kind of cancel out.
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try caffeine free diet coke. what you're experiencing is mental, so why not fool your brain by giving it diet coke?
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Some great responses... I'll respond fully later (during lunch)
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Lack of energy, want to lose weight... speed just jumps out at me here.
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Sounds like you're trading one addiction for another. There is no reason why you shouldn't have enough energy, provided you are eating right. Are you? I don't see why you should need any drug or supplement to simply stay awake for 16 hours, unless you're digging ditches all day.
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Why are you replacing one stimulant with another? Your body needs to find its own rhythm and energy. I'd give it another month.
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I think you just need more excersice. You will feel a lot more energy from day to day. Congrats on quitting caffeine. I just started quitting cigs yesterday and am weaning away from the caffeine, so I admire your effort. Just keep going.

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I'll toss another vote for trying caffeine free Diet Coke. I did the same thing with Diet Pepsi. If you are trying to lose weight now, are you exercising more than before? If so a combination of extra exercise and reduced caffeine could explain the lethargy.
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- The caffeine free diet coke isn't going to work, although it's a good idea. Partly the reason for quitting was Diet Coke was wreaking havoc on my teeth. I'm sure CF Diet Coke would do the same.

- Excercise is needed for weightloss. I'll be joining a club soon and getting in there a couple times a week so that will help.

- I don't want to substitute one stimulant for another, that's why I'm relieved the chinese herbs didn't really work.

I think you guys are right, it's really about lack of sleep. Also I was used to drinking a can of pop to help me focus at work. This is mental and something I need to adjust to. When I get home at night and need to work on my side jobs is when I find myself craving sugar and calories, but this also seems mental. In the past I'd come home and drink some pop to help me focus, I just need to work on being focused without any aides whatsoever.

Anyway, thanks for the help, I had to get this off my chest. I really do have more energy without pop at least constant energy. Before it was all peaks and valleys. I think on my toes better and can think quicker in any situation. It's been a great thing to quit it.
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Take a vitamin B-Complex with your meals. It's a combination of B-vitamins which help convert food into energy. It really works.
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B-complex is the way to go. There are multi-vitamins (one-a-days) with large doses of b-complex on the market or you could just buy a b-complex supplement. Excellent source of energy, concentration, and stamina.
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