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mytzplyx 02-26-05 11:00 PM

Need help choosing a landline phone service
Hi guys,
I'm moving into a new apartment and I'm fine with just my cell phone; but I need to get a landline service for the very purpose of DSL. I won't be using it to make any calls or anything. What's the best company to go with, total costs including phone line? I already went to Verizon's website and I don't think they cover where I'll be living. (chinatown, los angeles...don't ask)

glassdragon 02-26-05 11:14 PM

awww, no cable internet in your area? Cable generally runs faster and might be cheaper than a landline and dsl service as both are seperate charges

Otto 02-27-05 12:49 AM

Yeah, check for cable internet. Cable internet is one of my prerequisites for moving into an apartment now. Power, water, internet. These are the big three.

Frankly, I've seen DSL work okay, but most of the time it's a PITA, IMO. Cable is also a PITA, but generally it's working whenever the cable is, whereas DSL will go down for no obvious reason and the phoneline continues to work fine so the telco won't help you, etc, etc. Dealing with telco's is such a nightmare that I've switched to entirely cell phone usage now. No land line, never again. Not until they get their shit together.

mytzplyx 02-27-05 02:10 AM

cables sounds good too, but how much would a cable/internet package be? suggestions?

Otto 02-27-05 04:29 AM

Depends on the cable company. $50 a month for internet, maximum. More likely to be $40 or even $30.

Unlike DSL and phone lines, you do *not* have to buy cable internet and cable TV together. Most every cable company will sell them separately, if you like.

Normally you can get a package discount for getting cable TV with cable internet. Might not be much, maybe only $10-20 off the normal combined price of the two.

And, of course, there's always some kind of new customer deal. Like if you sign up for digital cable with a bunch of movie channels and internet and such, they drop another $50 off a month, for 6 months or something like that. Basically they're betting you'll get used to having all those channels and not cancel when the deal ends. It's a good tactic that often works.

I'm paying about $110 a month for cable, but then I have virtually everything included here. All the movie channels, digital, internet, etc. Everything but HD, and I'm looking into that now.

If you don't care for movie channels and such and just want basic cable with internet, I'd expect to pay about $60-70 a month, maximum.

Easiest way to find out though is to ask the places you're looking for your apartment or house in. Usually it's one cable company covering a whole regional area. Figure out which cable company it is, then check their webpage. Prices are always on there somewhere. Then pick your deal. If you are a good talker, you can sometimes talk yourself into cheaper prices too by suggesting that you have a way to get satellite TV on the cheap, but are still interested because of the cable internet. Cable companies are scared to death of satellite TV right now.

mytzplyx 02-27-05 04:50 AM

hmm..that sounds like a good idea. I negotiate for a living. I wonder what cable internet company covers the area though. gotta find out.

Sonicflood 02-27-05 08:26 AM

I don't have a land line yet I have DSL (4 years now). All I did was call my local service provider and ask. I pay $39.95/month for access. I use my cell phone for voice calls.


68ShelbyGT500KR 02-27-05 08:38 AM

I am using Time Warners Roadrunner Internet Service for ~$30 for 6 months then it will go up to the normal price of ~$50/month. Personally, I like cable better because it is about 2x as fast as DSL, you are month to month (no contract like DSL) for about the same regular price, Newsgroups are not filtered etc.... TW-RR offers a small discount if you also have cable TV service.

I had DSL with SBC/Yahoo. Just canceled it and I had to make sure I canceled the contract on the day of the last day of my contract. It was a pain to get a live person to talk to unless you called when they first opened.

Cardiff Giant11 02-27-05 10:56 AM

I had a horrible experience trying to get SBC Yahoo DSL. First, the equipment took forever to arrive (like two weeks or more). Then when I went to connect everything (after I was told that it was activated) it simply didn't work. I'd occasionally see the internet for a few seconds but then it would crap out. The morons at SBC couldn't figure it out and since there was a problem with their computer system, they couldn't even give me a trouble ticket. So I just said screw it cancelled it, and got a cable modem. I sent back the DSL equipment but on my phone bill I was charged $200 for it despite having returned it. I had to speak to like 2 different people to get that cleared up.
SBC sucks and I'm glad I don't have any of their services anymore. I've got cable, cable modem, and phone through Cox and I've got no complaints.

mytzplyx 02-27-05 05:38 PM

ok, i found out that the only provider for my area seems to be Comcast. Cable tv and internet package looks so damn expensive though. Just cable internet alone i think is 35 / month, which i can live with...but i see different sites like www.comcastoffers.com and stuff with 19.99 for 6 months and all that. Are those legitimate? What's the best way to go about signing up? (cheapest and reliable way)

Otto 02-27-05 07:31 PM

I've never really heard of a cable company working through third parties like that. I wouldn't trust it. Your best bet is to simply call up the cable company directly and speak with their people. Signing up for these types of services online is currently more hassle than it's really worth IMO, as they're not fully in the digital realm yet in most places. They've been trying for years, but still aren't quite there.

asabase 02-27-05 07:38 PM

people at FW all seem to think comcastoffers is a good deal. Some are even double/triple dipping on the sign-up offers.

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