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Premise 02-22-05 10:42 PM

Do you wash your dishes by hand?
As I was emptying out my dishwasher today,I was wondering how many of you still wash your dishes by hand?

HistoryProf 02-22-05 10:57 PM

I do, and I own a dishwasher...how bout them apples?

Mikael79 02-22-05 10:59 PM

I wash them by hand, and then put them in the dishwasher and let it wash them as well.

Unfortunately, I'm dead serious. Part of it is that my dishwasher isn't really powerful to clean the dishes by itself, and part of it is that I am a neat freak.

NotThatGuy 02-22-05 11:04 PM

If by hand you mean, put them in the dishwasher...than yes. :)

I wash my Wusthofs by hand...everything else goes in the dishwasher.


Tracer Bullet 02-22-05 11:04 PM

I do, but I don't have a dishwasher. I even have gloves.

Myster X 02-22-05 11:09 PM

hand for the last 30 or so years

FiveO 02-22-05 11:12 PM


Won't ever be without one again.

And I don't mean my girlfriend ;) :D

MitzEclipse 02-22-05 11:13 PM

I bought a stainless steel dishwasher when I remodeled and upgraded all my appliances... I even installed it myself. However it's probably been used twice - when I was testing it out. I wash everything by hand.

Kumar J 02-22-05 11:16 PM

I wash them by my hand.I got no dishwasher.I rarely cook with a lot of stuff aso cleaning is pretty easy

gotwavego 02-22-05 11:44 PM

By hand.

Parla 02-22-05 11:47 PM

Unfortunately don't have one of them new fangled dishwasher thingies... :( EVERYTHING by my two little hands... if I did have one, you better believe I'd throw everything I could in that sucker.

Though I do have the gloves--big help :thumbsup:

eisenreich 02-23-05 12:31 AM

By hand, college student < doesn't have enough silverware for a dishwasher anway

Bronkster 02-23-05 12:48 AM

By hand. The dishwasher just never seemed to dry very well (venting problem?) and since I no longer have roommates, it's easier to just do the few that I mess up by hand.

Bacon 02-23-05 01:42 AM

only those that won't go in the dishwasher, heck the dishwasher is empty yet I'm too lazy to put the dirty dishes in it, so the sinks are full of dishes :p

Ergyu 02-23-05 01:45 AM

I do. We live in an old school house (circa 1920s) and it doesn't have a dishwasher. I used to have one at my apartment but moved back in September. Dishes pile up QUITE fast in a house with 4 guys and a girl.

victant 02-23-05 01:46 AM

I ALWAYS wash dishes by hand, even after a particular large dinner party. Just habit, I guess. We have a dishwasher, but use it to store/dry the dishes when our dishrack gets full!

Bacon 02-23-05 01:49 AM

Originally Posted by Ergyu
Dishes pile up QUITE fast in a house with 4 guys and a girl.

wow I bet she never leaves the kitchen


JP5683 02-23-05 02:22 AM

Yep. Wash by hand.

SuprVgeta 02-23-05 03:43 AM

Only when one of the few pots and pans I own is dirty, and I don't want to wait to run the dishwasher. Other than that, I only use the dishwasher.

Cygnet74 02-23-05 04:36 AM

I give the dishes a once-over in the sink before sticking them in the dishwasher, so... both?

costanza187 02-23-05 05:23 AM

Hell no!

Nick Danger 02-23-05 05:57 AM

By hand. I use the dishwasher maybe twice a year.

Tandem 02-23-05 06:11 AM

I never wash dishes.

My wife said she always wanted a white dishwasher. I told her I married one.

Ba-da-boom. http://forums.csbanana.com/images/sm...ndard/dong.gif

twikoff 02-23-05 06:38 AM

hell no
we barely get them into the dishwasher.. much less wash by hand

Canis Firebrand 02-23-05 07:01 AM

What can be washed in the dishwasher is. Pots and pans and other things get washed by hand.
Oh, and if the dishwasher is full, I wash by hand the overflow while the dishwasher is running.

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