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nazz 02-22-05 12:00 AM

Which monster doesn't belong?
I noticed a full page add in a Fangoria for a MONSTERFEST 24/7 on AMC.

It showed a collage of photos with various monsters and the statement 'Everybody has a favorite monster. We have them all.'

You might think I was going to ask you to vote for your favorite but I was struck by which one I didn't think belonged. Which one would you remove
and who would you replace it with?

calhoun07 02-22-05 12:01 AM


brilk 02-22-05 12:39 AM

I've only seen bits of the Halloween movies, but I'm not aware of Michael Myers being a monster. I thought he was just some dude with a penchant for stabbing.

My problems with AMC's selection are the lack of graboids and creatures of the giant persuasion. The old Universal monsters just aren't as cool as huge spiders or fifty-foot snakes.

Tandem 02-22-05 04:48 AM

I'd pick the Phantom of the Opera over Michael Myers any day.

Interesting enough, the first character I thought of when I read the subject line had nothing to do with Universal. Since it's a political character I'll just post a link to the poster and let it go at that. It's the one in the upper right...


Charlie Goose 02-22-05 08:17 AM

Which thread doesn't belong in the TV Forum? This one!

As for the question, Michael Myers doesn't belong. He's just a misunderstood guy.

nazz 02-22-05 08:48 AM

Originally Posted by Charlie Goose
Which thread doesn't belong in the TV Forum? This one!

As for the question, Michael Myers doesn't belong. He's just a misunderstood guy.

I wasn't sure and went with the TV Forum because it was about AMC.

I guess me and Michael are both misunderstood. -ptth-

garmonbozia 02-22-05 11:26 AM

I voted for Predator.....

I'd rather have Michael Myers considered a monster than having to sit through a Predator film....yuck.

Replace Predator with Alien or Kruger I say.

naitram 02-22-05 11:29 AM

Predator here too. I like the movies, but don't really consider them monster/horror like the rest of the list. More sci-fi I guess.

And who is Count Twikoff? Is he the Count on Sesame Street? -wink-

JasonF 02-22-05 12:10 PM

I voted for Predator and Michael Myers. Although "So I Married an Ax Murderer" was pretty scary ...

Seriously, if it didn't come from Universal Studios in the 1930s through the 1950s, it's not a classic monster (alternate test: if it didn't meet Abbott and Costello, it's not a real monster).* Get rid of those two pretenders and add in the Invisble Man, the Phantom of the Opera, and/or the Bride of Frankenstein.

*Gigantic monsters such as King Kong, Godzilla, or the Blob are exempt from this test. But really, what are the odds that Godzilla is hiding in your closet or under your bed? He wouldn't fit!

Jaymole 02-22-05 01:44 PM

Michael Myers gives Monsters a bad name.

I'd put in Godzilla.

Filmmaker 02-22-05 02:55 PM

Though he has a penchant for impossible longevity, Michal Myers is still supposedly human, so he would only rank as a monster if we use the modern, not classic, sense of the term. Every other creature listed would fall under the classic sense...

talemyn 02-22-05 03:00 PM

Get rid of Micheal Myers . . . add in an Alien or Godzilla.

BassDude 02-22-05 03:28 PM

I took out Predator, as he (they?) isn't a monster at all, but looks like everyone else from his planet. And I feel a monster can be defined by his/its actions, so I am fine with including Michael Myers.

I'd add either Mr. Hyde or Jason/Freddy.

cultshock 02-22-05 03:48 PM

I don't think of Michael Myers as a monster. Predator is technically an alien, but I have no problem throwing him in with the monsters.

My replacement would be Count Chocula, or perhaps Frankenberry or Fruit Brute. :D

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