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kvrdave 02-21-05 12:43 PM

Hawaii Otters, tell me about some neighborhoods....
I am considering buying a place again, and have some questions.

What is Makaha like?

How is the SE part of Oahu?

Venusian 02-21-05 03:33 PM

they don't zone for trailer parks

...sorry, it was a pity reply

Numanoid 02-21-05 03:37 PM

He mai! Mai! Mai! He mai e ku`u hoaaloha o ka`lelo Hawai`i. Ua ao kia `ao`ao `upena nei, ua hiki mai la `oe. Mai, mai! Eia n au nei

greg9x 02-21-05 09:38 PM

I thought non-hawaiians couldn't buy land.

videodrome 02-21-05 10:10 PM

Where exactly in Makaha?

some great beaches and pretty laid back lifestyle
with a mostly local population but this side of
the coast has some problems with drugs and
homelessness (as do other parts of Oahu) but
it's pretty bad from nanakuli to makaha.

The schools both intermediate and high have
a bad rep and the lowest teacher retention rates
on any of the islands.

Be careful in what area you buy in as we have
many pig farms and a large landfill, so unless your
fond of the aroma of pig shit and rotting garbage
in the morning, you have been warned.

those reason noted above are some of the reasons
why you can buy a fee-simple condo for under
30k and a house for under 100k in this area while
a few miles away in the Kapolei area ,condos start
at about 125k and houses start at about 300k.

videodrome 02-21-05 10:15 PM

Originally Posted by greg9x
I thought non-hawaiians couldn't buy land.

Only hawaiian homelands are reserved for "native"
hawaiians, anywhere else is up for grabs.

RaMMaR 02-22-05 01:40 AM

Since kvrdave is Otter's resident slum lord, the non-Makaha-lite section of the area should appeal to him. ;) i haven't been to the Waianae-Nanakuli area in a while, but i do remember seeing a bunch of stray dogs & cats roaming around there... lock & load braddah. :D
If there aren't many strays around, it may be due to that white van selling dog meat - a definite WTF?!? news story reported last year.
The place is definitely laid back, but rush hour traffic - for the leeward side in general - is a bitch.

criptik28 02-22-05 09:53 AM

What other areas are you considering?

kvrdave 02-22-05 10:32 AM

I'm considering most anyplace not on the rainy side of Oahu. So far, my preference is around Pearl City in a condo called Collonaides On The Green. Prices look a bit depressed (or at least down from highs, which is odd given the interest rates). Lookes like there are some pretty nice 2 bed 2 bath places for just under $200k.

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