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Bacon 02-17-05 03:18 PM

thinking about refinishing some furniture, tips wanted v2 the typo-free version
what sort of stripper should I use to remove the stain/varnish? also

are all stains/varnishes the same (other than color)?

I've never done this before

please asnwer the question and not question my question :grunt:

emanon 02-17-05 03:29 PM

I'm holding out for v3, the "furniture" edition.

palebluedot 02-17-05 03:42 PM

Use Formby's they are great and they have refinishing kits. Most Home Depot type stores have them: http://www.formbys.com/products/

Y2K Falcon 02-17-05 04:10 PM

Originally Posted by Canadian Bacon
I've never done this before

What, start a thread correctly before? :lol:

Edits 20 minutes later don't affect the subject displayed... :(

What is the surface you are trying to refinish? Is it in good shape, or is it an "antique"...

jonw9 02-17-05 04:19 PM

I depends on what the existing covering is. There is a tip about dipping a cotton ball in acetone and testing an area, if notinh happens you have a polyurethane and thus need a different stripper then for varnish.

This is detail on the Formby's box I purchased, and may be on their site as well.

Bacon 02-17-05 07:21 PM

Y2k, you ass. :lol:

it's in very good shape, the surfce is just coming off. Not an antique, solid sood, (I'm guessing oak)

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