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mikehunt 02-16-05 01:27 AM

Celebrity Poker 2/15
folds a king high diamond flush because she asks colin if he has a diamond and he swears he doesn't (telling the truth) but she thinks that's a tell that he does have a diamond

she then folded the next hand pre flop which made both dave foley and phil gordon go nuts but I missed the cards she folded

mikehunt 02-16-05 02:40 AM

and now colin is playing the worst poker ever

Patman 02-16-05 03:32 AM

And yet...
he somehow came out on top with a suckout on the river to bounce Camryn to win the silver coin.

FinkPish 02-16-05 04:08 AM

That was the absolute worst and more enervating play I've ever seen from Colin Quinn. Like playing with some of my friends. -ohbfrank-

And Camryn(sp?) just never learned the lesson of betting just enough to keep your opponent in on a sure thing. She seemed to always push all in or bet so high to push everyone else out.

Professor Frink 02-16-05 11:39 AM

She made several critical errors. The biggest of course was not realizing that she had that K-high flush. With Colin having made a straight (and being a bad player), he probably would have called any bet from her and she'd have cleaned up.

Then, the few times she had a monster, she played them way too aggressively and scared everyone away.

Oh yeah, and Kevin's QQ being cracked by a friggin' 64o is a crime worthy of death. Because he didn't just limp in with that hand, he called a HUGE raise.

But I think we can all look forward to Colin making an early exit at the championship table, ala Dennis Rodman.

Deftones 02-18-05 11:11 AM

Colin = almost every online poker player. Jesus, that was painful to watch. -rolleyes-

gimmepilotwings 02-18-05 12:28 PM


Professor Frink 02-18-05 02:26 PM

And what was with those facial ticks and grimaces? Was he constipated or something?

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