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slateef 01-09-05 10:06 PM

please help with air filter / purifier question...
i did a search and didn't come across anything pertaining to my specific question...

our kitchen does not have a powerful exhaust fan, and the food that we like to cook is quite, how should i say...pungent :) lots of spices, garlic, ginger, etc....so as you can imagine, this smell tends to "accumulate" since there's nowhere for it to go. we've tried opening the windows when cooking but that really doesn't work (and sometimes its too cold for this to be feasible).

so, are there any air filter or purifier units that would be good for this application? i don't care if they remove dust or smoke, but that would be a plus. mainly what i'm concerned about is that they would make the air "fresh".

any recommendations?

RaMMaR 01-09-05 10:18 PM

i've got an Ionic Breeze Quadra. If you wanted "instant gratification," i wouldn't recommend it since it takes the better part of a day, as far as i can tell, for it to make a noticible difference in my bedroom - not that i'm a smelly bastard or anything :o. Have you looked into getting/upgrading to a range hood/vent with charcoal filter?

skiblet 01-09-05 10:32 PM

Tek says the Iconic Breeze does wonders for his "booger smell" . YMMV.

Bacon 01-09-05 10:34 PM

I find that putting scent "cards" (about $1.50 on the AC filter work quite well but then the house smells like cherries :p

Sdallnct 01-09-05 10:40 PM

I'm a little confused. What kind of vent does your kitchen have above the oven? Is there a microwave with a built in vent (these usually have a charcoal or metel filter).

slateef 01-09-05 11:03 PM

yes there is a microwave with a built in vent, but the problem is the vent isn't vented, meaning that there's a metal filter there but no conduit leading outdoors, so basically the metal filter/fan is useless.

can't "upgrade" or add a conduit because of the location of the kitchen relative to the house.

so it appears that my only option is a filter / purifier unit, but not sure if ANY of those will be powerful enough...

any ideas?

Otto 01-09-05 11:27 PM

Remove the shitty metal filter and put a good one in there. Something similar to a filter for an AC unit. If you're worried about food contaimination, put it underneath the metal filter so nothing can fall down from it.

Also, run the metal filter through the dishwasher every once in a while. They do work reasonably well, when they're clean.

WarriorPrincess 01-10-05 03:46 PM

Can't help with a filter, but I bought some volcanic crystals from gonzocorp that takes all the kitchen odors away - another in the laundry room eliminates litter box odors (2 cat household). They recharge in sunlight - good forever.

Here's a link:


slateef 01-10-05 05:09 PM

thanks warriorprincess, i just placed an order with gonzocorp...i'll let you know the results! :)

WarriorPrincess 01-10-05 07:12 PM

Originally Posted by slateef
thanks warriorprincess, i just placed an order with gonzocorp...i'll let you know the results! :)

:) Happy to help. Hope they work out for you. (gotta say that I've been quite happy to not smell the litter box anymore - or the garlic and/or salmon that always seems to cling to everything).

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