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GatorDeb 01-07-05 12:53 AM

Need help finding face mask templates.
I'd like to find some face templates, both for the inside and the outside. Here's an example of the outside:

http://www.gatordeb.com/mask.jpg I don't have the inside, though :( It doesn't have to be 3D or an actual photo (drawing is fine).

Thanks in advance for any help!

DonnachaOne 01-07-05 01:08 AM

Insert Face/Off joke here...
I'm curious myself. Might want to make myself a Phantom Of The Opera mask in the near future...

GatorDeb 01-07-05 01:10 AM

Clarification: I want them to paint on them on the computer, not actually to buy :) I load them and then on top with my graphics tablet. So I'm looking for an image of a mask of the inside and the outside of a human face.


QuAcKeR 01-07-05 01:26 AM


GatorDeb 01-07-05 01:35 AM

That doesn't work for the inside because you see the features protruding to the outside instead of caving in to the inside.

GatorDeb 01-07-05 10:18 AM

This is an example of what I do:

That one wasn't done with the pen, it was done with the mouse.

Here's one I did with the pen:

Yes, I suck now, but I'll be taking drawing classes. I really enjoy it. And I really like doing it in the computer because there's no set up and you can just focus on the drawing.

Breakfast with Girls 01-07-05 11:53 AM

Originally Posted by GatorDeb
This is an example of what I do:

How much would a framed print of this be?

skiblet 01-07-05 11:57 AM


QuAcKeR 01-07-05 12:18 PM

I was just trying to show that it's all in the shading. It's a two dimensional image of a face mask, so really the outside will work for the inside since the shot was taken pretty much straight-on.

Chrisedge 01-07-05 01:18 PM

This thread = WTF?

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