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Bad play or bad beat (or a little of both)???

Old 01-03-05, 07:50 AM
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Bad play or bad beat (or a little of both)???

Okay, 45-person tourney (Amatuer Poker League), down to the final 2 tables. 6 of us left at one table. Chip counts are approx 25000, 5000, 35000, 4000, 10000 (me) and 2000. Blinds are 1000/2000 and I'm playing in fourth position, 2nd to act pre-flop.

I'm dealt A-A. Fold to my right, and I want to get more than just the blinds, so I just call the BB hoping to have some action to my left. Dealer calls, and small blind limps in, big blind checks. 4 players.

Flop comes 3-5-6. Small blind tosses in 2k, the minimum. Big blind, and chip leader, goes all in. I call, and others fold and she has 2-4. The straight.

Ace comes on the turn, but the river doesn't board a pair so I'm out.

Would you have raised pre-flop? The BB (2-4) would have folded of course, but I would have likely only won just the blinds back. The blinds were coming around pretty quick, and would take 30% of my stack in 3 hands if I sat there so I don't feel bad about calling the all-in.

I usually raise 3xBB entering a pot pre-flop, but tried to slow play the aces to do some real damage here and get right near the top of the chip lead.

So, bad play or bad beat?
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Old 01-03-05, 08:57 AM
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You have top pair, but two people go all-in w/ a straight possibility on the board. You should have folded. I know its hard as hell to do, but something that you have to do sometimes. If there was an A in the flop, I would have called the all-in bets.

I'm guessing the chick w/ the 2,4 was in the big blind? Otherwise, she just got lucky.
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Old 01-03-05, 09:01 AM
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I would've reraised to steal the blinds. AT that point in the game, you would've stolen 3000 in chips. That's approximiately 1/3 of your stack. You would've been in a far better position with those chips than what you had, and moved you farther away from the pack.
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I'd have raised to 6k preflop with the BB being the big stack because that way the BB knows you will not be folding and it'll cost them 10k to play the hand and even with 35k that would hurt to lose so they won't play the 24. If they all fold it's ok you just gained 30% of your stack and can again wait for a playable hand and let the small stacks go out.

With 2 people all-in (with one having you covered) I wouldn't have called if I played it as you did pre-flop because there was a straight possibly out there.
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Old 01-03-05, 09:33 AM
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it was just me and one other that were heads up for all-in, but the point still stands. I shoulda raised in hindsight
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I agree with Def. Allin preflop was called for in this case.

2X the pot might not have discouraged the BB, but 3X would have committed more than half your chips. You’re going to call anything anyway, so might as well push in. I wouldn’t rely on the BB assuming you were committed to 10k.

If the blinds vs your stack were quite a bit smaller, you would have been OK to slowplay.
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fuck slowplaying, I think you made 2 big mistakes on the hand, too bad they didn't have A-10
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Agreed with most here. The size of the blinds compared to size of your stack would make me get my money in preflop and be happy even if I just got the blinds.
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