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Seantn 11-01-04 02:48 PM

Selling my product to a business: Questions
Okay, I made a similar post a few months ago, but I posed a different question.

Anyway, now I have a new question...

I have made a product. A 'poster'. It's an item that would be sold in places like Spencer Gifts, and other stores that deal with horror type merchandise.

Anyway, i'm interested in approaching Spencer Gifts (as the first store) to see if they'd be interested in carrying the item. I have no problem mass producing it myself.

Anyone have any experience in how I go about doing this? Calling their corporate office, sending a info packet along with a product sample, doing a sales pitch, etc......

Also, anyone know of any movie/horror/etc.... themed/related type stores that they could list here?

Thanks for any help!

j123vt_99 11-01-04 03:16 PM

might want to try creating a website to just try selling some of it

Seantn 11-01-04 03:22 PM

I sold it on eBay this past summer with successful results. However, to sell a higher quantity, I figured this might be a good way to go.

costanza 11-01-04 03:43 PM

are you making pictures of WhoGirl too?

Seantn 11-01-04 03:58 PM

Well, I , er....

Back on topic!

Seantn 11-01-04 07:52 PM


Verbal Gorilla 11-01-04 08:40 PM

Originally posted by Seantn

Originally posted by Seantn
sending a info packet along with a product sample
Best bet, but call coporate office first and ask to speak to an approiate person in charge of purchasing. Talk to him, ask him what their company policy is and what you need to do and/or tell him you will send the packet.

sfsdfd 11-01-04 09:27 PM

You may want to consider registering a copyright for your work. That will strengthen your claim of ownership if Spencer decides that they want to market your work, but not owe you anything.

- David Stein

Seantn 11-02-04 05:33 PM

Thanks for the comments so far. I appreciate the feedback.

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