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bhk 10-27-04 02:12 PM

Tech Support. Conan show check it out.
Sorry, that's probably copyrighted material.

j123vt_99 10-27-04 02:18 PM

i believe someone in the tv talk forum was looking for this

Breakfast with Girls 10-27-04 03:43 PM

rotfl That was great.

Th0r S1mpson 10-27-04 03:48 PM


Holy carp that was funny. :lol:

Abelkems 10-27-04 03:50 PM

That's great. I believe the only thing they train them to say is "Turn off the power and reboot, that should bring peace to the Earth and cure AIDS"

Nosmo Rex 10-27-04 03:51 PM

I work on a Help Desk. I'm going to start answering the phone with an Indian accent. :)

Jonny2k1 10-27-04 03:55 PM

:lol: That's hilarious.

P.E. 10-27-04 04:26 PM

"Unplug my heart, and plug it back in!" rotfl

Mole177 10-27-04 04:27 PM

haha. :lol:

auto 10-27-04 04:30 PM


Deftones 10-27-04 04:31 PM

It was good, but he's still better as the annoying guy who doesn't know how to start a good sports chant. :lol:

Darkfriend 10-27-04 04:40 PM

:lol: funny stuff!! I saw this documentary on TV where it's a dream for young people in India to work in big call centres. It's their DREAM! :hscratch:

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