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Bloomiesgirl 08-23-04 09:42 PM

Miniblinds-- need a new wand.
Miniblind in my bedroom has a broken wand for opening and shutting it.

I looked at Home Depot and they told me they do not sell replacements. Anyone know where I can buy one?

I swear I've seen them before, but just not sure where.


stevevt 08-23-04 09:45 PM


The Cow 08-23-04 09:47 PM

I went to Lowes and asked about buying one last year when I had one break. They just gave me one from the demos for free.

Bloomiesgirl 08-23-04 09:48 PM

I should have probably googled before posting..but.. didn't think to do it..

Maybe I'll check out Lowe's..or ..just order one online...


tasha99 08-23-04 10:02 PM

You could buy the cheapest blinds (there are some that are less than $4 at Walmart) and take the wand off one of those.


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