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Mongo 08-23-04 02:46 AM

I just had the strangest dream (another one!) --Darkfriend, you need to read this.
Ok, so I read Darkfriend's post about being on the subway with the rude fat black woman just before I went to bed.

So right after falling asleep, I find myself in this huge white room (walls, ceiling, floor all completely white) that was round and had a balcony running around the enter perimeter about 15 feet above the main floor.

I was on the balcony, and directly across from me was Darkfriend (who was white in my dream) and another guy who I instantly recognized as another otter--he was black.

Then 2 black women, one being the short fat one from DF's post, and the other a friend of hers, who was also black, but tall and B-E-A-utiful.,

So all of a sudden we all start fighting, the DVDtalkers vs the 2 women. It was a cross between the matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden dragon style of fighting, and the otters are just kicking ass.

So, soon enough the beautiful one realizes that we weren't picking on her friend for being black, but just for being a rude bitch, and she stops helping the friend, and goes to sit in the corner and chew bubble gum.

So, the fat one starts attacking mainly me, because i"m the one hitting her the most. Eventually she pulls out a sub-machine gun and tries shooting me.

Unfortunetly for her, I wasabout the eqivalent of bruce lee, the hulk, plas-man, etc. So, I use my telekinetic power to send her own bullets back to her

So then the friend starts blowing these huge bubbles,so once again using my TK,I make one of her bubbles huge eough to lift her off the ground and send her to the ceiling, where the bublle comes in contact with a ceiling fan. It spins her around out of controll, and sends her flying. She lands on the balcony on top of me.

So, she and I leave together to make this a non PG rated dream, while Darkfriend and the other unnamed otter continue to torture the fat woman.

I even remember one of the lines I said in the dream--"Don't fuck with me in cyberspace, I'm unbeatable now!"

Told ya it was a weird one.

Roto 08-23-04 02:49 AM

*Immediately goes to bed and hopes to dream of Tyra Banks*

Mongo 08-23-04 03:05 AM

Yeah, time for me to go back to bed too. I'm hoping maybe I can pick up where I left off. ;)

Oh, and I'm not being cryptic by referring to the "unnamed" black otter. I don't remember the name now. In fact, I remember that even Darkfriend's name wasn't actually Darkfriend in the dream, but I know it was him, or based on him anyway, since it delt with the situation in the thread he started.

Heat 08-23-04 03:28 AM

Did you drop a little acid recently, by any chance?

Mongo 08-23-04 03:34 AM

No, but I did develop narcolepsy....

Narcolepsy is basically a disorder involving REM (the dreaming stage of sleep) disorders. Ever since I've had very intense dreams that often are influenced by whatever I was doing/watching/reading immediatly before going to bed. I've also become a lucid dreamer since developing N, as in I know when I'm dreaming, and can conciously control not only my own actions, but the enviroment around me.

Oh, and I can't get back to sleep again. Go figure, a narcoleptic who can't sleep. Hmm...I do have some Ambien around here somewhere though...

Roto 08-23-04 09:19 PM

Did your dream ever get going again? I didn't dream about Tyra Banks :( I did dream that Tiger Woods died when his plane crashed into a water hazard. :whofart: Must be from leaving the radio on the sports station.

Darkfriend 08-23-04 10:03 PM

Hehe Mongo that is one ACTION PACKED dream! :lol:

I'm glad that you got some nookie while I was still battling with the evil fat woman rotfl

At least your dreams are entertaining!

For some reason I hardly remember my dreams. The last one was quite funny though. I saw Adam West in his Batman costume fall in a pool and then come to the surface with his Bat ears all droopy...

Sounds silly but in my dream it was a riot!

dbryant 08-23-04 10:25 PM

I am not sure you were asleep. Perhaps this was one of those dreams you had while awake. :-))

Mongo 08-23-04 11:56 PM

Originally posted by Roto
Did your dream ever get going again? I didn't dream about Tyra Banks :( I did dream that Tiger Woods died when his plane crashed into a water hazard. :whofart: Must be from leaving the radio on the sports station.
No, but this morning I before getting up I had another cool one, that kept resuming through multiple wake ups.

It was another pretty strange one.... I found myself in someone's basement/gameroom, where they had a few MAME machines set up. It turned out to be Geoff's, and his brother and I were playing a Transformer's Racing game. Then I'd wake up, then drift back to sleep, and resume the dream right where it'd left off. Turns out that Geoff's brother thought I posted more often in the Music forum and wanted to make me a mod there.

DRG 08-24-04 12:31 AM

Lately the only dreams I have (at least that I remember) are nightmares, but they're usually pretty cool... creepy surreal stuff (I love horror movies so I dig them).

Dabaomb 08-24-04 11:29 AM


Phil L. 08-24-04 11:37 AM

Last night I had a total SHTF scenario dream.
I was in Newark NJ (no, that's not the bad part) when a nuclear explosion was suddenly visible off in the distance.

I had to try to get home (if home was even still there) but I had to walk.
I could not contact my wife because all phone service, cell and land line, was gone.
The streets were immediately filled with terrorfied citizens as well as roving gangs of thugs. Police and NG troops were around but outnumbered.
And I kept finding myself in narrow back streets, I could not find the main street which would take me toward home.

Woke up some time after. Weird wild stuff.

Brain Stew 08-24-04 11:41 AM

Last night I dreamt that I was being chased by a man with knives for fingers!

Groucho 08-24-04 11:43 AM

In my dreams, the "Black Otter" is played by Ernie Hudson.

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