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DJariya 05-29-21 08:02 PM

B.J. Thomas dead at 78

TomOpus 05-30-21 09:13 PM

Re: B.J. Thomas dead at 78
My biggest memory of him was when my high school had Grad Night at Disneyland back in mid-70s. Those unfamiliar with it, Disneyland would invite high school seniors, from around 11pm to 8am, you'd have Dizzyland to yourself. They would have musical guests performing in person on the stage in Tomorrowland. That night it was BJ Thomas and Hues Corporation (Rock the Boat). A rumor was spreading amongst the seniors that BJ got into a fight with someone and had a black eye. No internet back then so who knows if the rumor was true.

rexinnih 05-31-21 10:05 PM

Re: B.J. Thomas dead at 78
RIP. Raindrops will always be a favorite.

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