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dvd-4-life 09-30-20 07:38 AM

Helen Reddy/Mac Davis RIP
Just read at the CNN website that both singers have passed away.

Didn't know that Mac Davis also wrote In the Ghetto(Elvis Presley hit song).

The Infidel 09-30-20 08:03 AM

Re: Helen Reddy/Mac Davis RIP
Although he recorded his own song "I Believe In Music", Helen's recording of it became a hit first.

They both had great careers, and were both a couple of my mom's favorite artists. They were actually also both 78.

dom56 09-30-20 08:14 AM

Re: Helen Reddy/Mac Davis RIP
I still have the single of Gallery "I Believe In Muisc"

Only single I have of Mac Davis.

:rip: Mac and Helen

Giantrobo 10-02-20 12:02 PM

Re: Helen Reddy/Mac Davis RIP
70's memories of both, Mac in particular. RIP.

dvd-4-life 10-07-20 10:53 AM

Re: Helen Reddy/Mac Davis RIP
Another singer ,Johnny Nash ,from that era has passed away.

His big song was-I Can See Clearly Now

dhmac 10-14-20 11:39 AM

Re: Helen Reddy/Mac Davis RIP
Mac Davis and Helen Reddy were frequently on the "Midnight Special" in the '70s (which I think was the best music show of that era because it mandated live performances, so no lip syncing allowed)

Helen Reddy performing "I Am Woman" on the Midnight Special

Mac Davis performing "Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me" on the Midnight Special

They were both great. RIP

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