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GatorDeb 05-02-19 01:44 AM

Pink - Hurts 2B Human
I'm still getting through the album but as I'm listening to it I'm thinking, this again? It's like you're listening to your girlfriend talking about the same relationship problems but now it's been decades. At first it was endearing, but now even though you sympathize you're like... yeah, whatever. I've heard this before. I love Pink, one of my top 3 artists, but girl... move on already. All albums are basically the same. I wish she'd do an album of songs just written by other people. She has an awesome voice and her personality comes through the speakers. But the content... same at its core.

dsa_shea 05-02-19 10:52 AM

Re: Pink - Hurts 2B Human
What else is she really going to sing about? Most pop songs are either about love, heartbreak or just stupid stuff. If Jodeci came out with a new album today, I wouldn't expect it to be about riding or getting an education. It would be about sexing one up and wearing out some sheets.

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