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SterlingBen 08-28-14 12:21 AM

What is on your Halloween Playlist?
I typically prefer movie used songs or halloween specific songs over things like Highway To Hell or whatever Manson type songs.

Here is my list from last year:


Now post yours!

Mondo Kane 08-28-14 04:19 AM

Re: What is on your Halloween Playlist?
I've been on a rockabilly kick lately.

"I was a Teenage Werewolf" Cramps
"No Escape" Johnny Legend
"Night of the Vampire" The Moontrekkers
"Billy might be dead" Deadbolt
"House on Haunted Hill" Kenny & The Fiends
"My Daddy is A Vampire" The Meteors
"Werewolf" The Frantics
"Ghoul in the School" The Fortunes
"Robot Atomico" Ghastly Ones
"Voodoo Slaves" Minutemen
"Morgus Creep" Morgus & The Daringers
"John Agar Rules" Dead Elvi
"Rockin in the Graveyard" Jackie Morningstar
"Black Sunday" The Coffinshakers
"Ghost Train" The Swanks
"Space Madness" She Creatures
"Dead" The Poets
"Haunted House Of Rock" Satan's Pilgrims
"Jack The Ripper" Sateliters
"Psycho/Vertigo" Laika & the Cosmonauts

Spiderbite 08-28-14 08:56 AM

Re: What is on your Halloween Playlist?
Lots and lots of horror movie scores.

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