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wm lopez 11-06-13 06:31 PM

Hubris, thy name is...
Originally Posted by benedict View Post
From time to time people post RIP threads relating to a recently-deceased performer. Chances are that most people coming to such threads will be enthusiasts of the artiste's work.

I would strongly suggest that, for the maintenance of a pleasant posting atmosphere, if you particularly dislike the artiste, or have some lurid tale regarding their past, then you should start your own thread in which to post your considered observations.

While maybe not a thread crap, the above kind of posts certainly threaten to take a thread off-topic [thoughtful contributions that avoid the need for moderation seem like a better idea to me].

People should be free to express their feelings even if they don't agree with hard core fans.
I'm sure the day Rush Limbaugh dies there will be insults galore in that thread.

cungar 11-06-13 08:11 PM

Re: RIP Lou Reed
What's it like living day to day with so much hate lopez?

benedict 11-07-13 02:46 AM

Re: Hubris, thy name is... [wm lopez]
Not the most convincing attempt at self-justification, wm lopez.

Would you please read what I said about particular Music Talk etiquette and refrain from posting such bile where you have already been told it isn't wanted.

Music Talk moderator

benedict 11-07-13 05:02 AM

Re: Hubris, thy name is...
Just in case anyone remains in any doubt as to what is going on here:


From time to time there are people who seem to believe that they are not bound by the rules and guidelines developed to keep things on track here...


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